Chinese Visa Application Form. Please download the Chinese Visa Application Form(Form V). Print. COPYRIGHT © CVASC. ALL RIGHTS. In order to better serve you, We try our best to provide the most convenient and quickest service for Chinese Visa applicants. Our Chinese Visa Application. China Visa ExpressFor different reasons it may necessary for you to obtain your china visa as quick as possible. Due to this we also offer China Visa Express.

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Generally speaking, Chinese visa should be applied through a Chinese Embassy in your home visumantra or in a third country. In case you are still in Switzerland, you should apply a new visa from us for a longer stay and pay again. You can not provide private accommodation or Airbnb here if you are applying for a tourist or business visa.

For some case, your child might apply Chinese Travel Document, so please contact us via e-mail: Please take the time to carefully fill out the application and make sure the answers are accurate and complete. Can my inviting party in China send directly to you the invitation and relevant documents by fax or email, and then I come to the Embassy to apply for the visa? You may travel for multiple purposes, however you only need to indicate one major purpose.

If you check tourism as purpose and provide paperwork for cultural exchange, visa won’t be granted. For other purposes such as employments, study, training and investment, no matter what passport you have, visa is always required. Correct way is to complete section 1. For infant, please type in “None infant “. Please ask your inviter in China to write to you an invitation letter which mention where the address and how long you will stay in China and also the passport information of you, also the relation of both of you and the personal detail of the inviter.

Please note that you cannot enter China only with the tourism visayou also have to contact a tour agency in China so that it can apply for Special Travel Permit for you. Should I complete the form by hand or computer?

I cannot ask for a leave in the morning.

Chinese Visa Application Form-Downloads(visa)

If you cannot come in the morning, you may ask someone else to come on behalf of you to apply the visa. Single entry visa will valid for 3 months, the maximum valid time of Double entry will be 6 months. I cannot come viusmantrag the pick-up day which shows in the pick-up form. Do I need to apply for new visa or can I use the second entry now? Visas are not required of aliens who hold air tickets to the final destination and have chin seats on international airlines flying directly through China, and will stay in a transit city for less than 24 hours without visumatrag the airport.


Can I invite them to China to visit my parents and apply for family visiting visa Q2 visa?

Chinese Visa for Tibet

If there’s no relatives in China who can write the invitation letter, please apply for tourism visa L visa for your husband and kid s with a copy of flight booking and hotel reservation also can be the Chinese property certificate. S2 visa can be multi-entry. Applicant should sign in section 4, not section 5. I want to do an internship in China. Can I apply for multi-entry visa?

Swiss passport holders and non-Swiss passport holders with Swiss Permit B, C or L, and staff of international organizations based in Switzerland with relevant Swiss Permits, also Liechtenstein passport holders and those with Liechtenstein Residence Permits can apply for Chinese visa in either in Chinese Embassy in Bern or Chinese Consulate in Zurich.

And please ask the airline company or the hotel in China to visuantrag a letter to certify that you can stay with the crew member in the hotel room provided to the crew members.

You can count on different fines and even a travel ban to China for a certain period of time. Please browse our introduction here: Issued to an alien who is invited to China for a visit, an investigation, a lecture, chinz do business, scientific-technological and culture exchange, short-term advanced studies or internship for a period of no more than 6 months. This section should list your viisumantrag in the US.

If you are missing out some boxes, visa application will be rejected. Do you open in the afternoon? Your signature MUST appear in section 4more precisely in section 4. If it’s not returned, please come to our Consular office to fetch it within one month since the date you send it to us.


This section is not for mailing address purpose. At the moment, we don’t send visa by post.

Issued to an alien who intends to visit relatives who are Chinese citizens residing in China or foreigners with permanent residence in China for a period of no more than 6 months. And if you need double-entry, please apply for new double-entry visa with a set of new documents and follow the same application procedure as you did last time. I want to visit Shanghai for 48 hours, and I heard that for a stay visumajtrag Shanghai no more than 72 hours I don’t need visa.

Issued to crewmembers to perform duties on board an international train, airline or other vessel, and their accompanying family members. Please contact the Consulate-general directly when your questions or matters are related to the Consulate-general by phone: We will directly returned the envelop, Please check with your post office about the status.

I will travel with a crew member flight attendantI only have a stand-by flight ticket. You can download the form from here: Your records MUST correspond to the main purpose chinx the visit you selected in section 2. Can I come later?

But since you are not married, you can only apply for L visa which can be cuina most double-entry valid for 6 months. If you will visit Shanghai or other city instead of transiting, you need to apply visa before travel to China. Visumatnrag will go with cruise, so I don’t have flight ticket nor hotel reservation. Issued to an alien who comes to China for a post or employment, and his or her accompanying family members.

Where do I apply for Visa?

Once you get Chinese visa in Nepal, your visa obtained before becomes invalid automatically. If you selected regular service, however your arrival date shows yesterday or xhina, your application may be put on hold. It is wise to list cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu as your travel destination. Since Septemberthose who would like to make internship in China have to vhina for Z visa work visa no matter paid or unpaid.