You’re not the first one to be interested in some insights on the LOMS program by Victor Cheng. I recommend you to check out the following. 7 Apr I am wondering whether Victor Cheng’s Look Over My Shoulder video is useful? I bought LOMS to prepare for my case interviews. 30 Mar LOMS is a good programme, but it has a few shortcomings which you ought to be aware of. Hearing another candidate can be a useful way to consolidate your.

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Victor Cheng – Look Over My Shoulder

Practice live cases give and receive like crazy with as many different people as you can; the magic number of cases for most people who are successful is between The toolkit also contains extended videos of me re-writing 5 resumes — in a few cases taking a resume that’s a clear “reject” to one that’s a “must interview”. I only watched a few of my friend’s files, but I did find it more helpful than any other books out there.

That said, you also need: Let your partner know what cases your are interested in. I purchased LOMS and was happy with my decision. Keep in mind that he has worked for McK only for three years, so most of the people who will interview you will be more senior than he has ever been.

Sign up with LinkedIn. Display posts from previous: Overall I’d recommend it though, it’s nice to have an audio preparation tool in addition to all the written forms. If I was back at the start of the recruitment process, Vlctor would use it again in addition to live practice. So ,oms preparing for the final rounds, I made a conscious decision to ‘forget’ some of the frameworks I had learned. I thought it may be nice to listen to them in the car.



Please read the wiki for commonly asked questions. Thank You For Your Purchase! That book is also useless of interviewer-led cases like they have at Bain and Mckinsey Already have an account? Upvote 0 Add a comment.

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Also, I am just starting to prepare for case interviews. That said, you can do perfectly fine without it. I must agree with bgpower here: Apr 21, – 6: So if you can borrow the tape from a friend for these 4 or 5 best practices, I think you have the gist of it.

Notify me when there are new comments or replies on my discussion. I found instead, though, that every interview I did was very conversational and more interviewer-led, so the last 4 cases on LOMS were closer to reality for me.

Hedge Fund Pitch for Interviews. If the length 26 mins amitpdube More Latest posts. You will receive an email shortly with information on how to access your program content. CO Resources See all Question: Log in or sign up in seconds. I wanted to thank you for your outstanding program — I received and accepted an offer from Bain in October, and can unequivocally state that your program was instrumental in helping me navigate the daunting gamut of Consulting interviews.

If your resume is not good enough, the rest of the process is irrelevant. Any other tips for case interview prep is much appreciated We have about 3 weeks. Hi guys, Asking for a friend. Upload your CV optional. It is currently 09 Nov How to get 6. I wanted to share this field report from a F1Y who took a non-traditional route into consulting, had to prepare without the resources available on campus, and faced numerous disadvantages but still secured an offer.

There is so much free information and free practice cases on the web that paying such a large amount for case prep material is unnecessary. Don’t have an account yet? In that case, LOMS might not be useful. Victor Cheng’s Mckinsey style interview tool kit promo. Is there something wrong with our timer? How to tailor your cover letter and resume, what not to say during ‘experience’ interviews or the ‘airport’ test and the basic approach of case interviews.


While you are waiting for this email, I wanted to share with you this information on another resource I think might be helpful to you. Add your comment optional. Practice cases length vs. Structure is super important in consulting, but they should teach you to create your own structure, rather than applying a ready-made recipe.

Thank you very much for reading this post till the end! It took me 6 months to put it together and to the best of my knowledge, nothing else like it is available anywhere else. Posts of this nature on the front page will be removed without notice.

I think there are some nice tips and it helped me familiarize myself with what a live case interview feels like. Make sure you turn on the sound by using the controls. When I am contacted by candidates who have made it through the case interview process with a successful offer, often I get emails like the one below with tips for those still interviewing.

We use industry standard Adobe Acrobat pdf files and video file formats that can be used across all major computing platforms.