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VdS en: (04). CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems. Guidelines for Fire Extinguishing Systems. CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems. Planning and. VdS en: Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Planning and VdS en: CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems, Planning and Installation; VdS. VdS calculation software for gas extinguishing systems. The basis for an VdS ; NFPA 12; ISO ; CEA ; free user-defined input. IG: VdS

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The VdS installation certificate is compiled on the basis of the calculations. You must have Vdw enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

ISO Quality management. Glass and ceramics industries Budget and Community Finances Generally, the flow through the nozzles is also over-critical, so specific models are implemented for the nozzles, too. Log In Sign Up.

VdS Guidelines for Planning and Installation of Fire Protection Systems

Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres. Paint and colour industries Town halls – local authorities – community. The requirements and recommendations of these Guidelines are also applicable to any addition, extension, repair, Maintenance, or other modification of a sprinkler system.


Textile and leather technology Road vdd engineering Materials handling equipment Guide to Industrial Science and Technology edition Accounting, Social and Fiscal: These Guidelines include not only requirements for the extinguishing system itself and associated components, but also cds for buildings and objects to vvds protected.

They have to be replaced with data of the specific components you are using. Inert gas extinguishing systems usually employ restrictor plates behind the manifold, reducing the pressure in the pipe system downstream the restrictor to a defined maximum value. Smoke compartments are calculated individually.

These Guidelines describe the minimum requirements. Aircraft and space vehicle engineering Furthermore, conservation laws and balance equations must be fulfilled. Uncertainty of measurement and test results.

Sonar 2093 – Variable Depth Mine Hunting Sonar

For the intended purpose of the calculation programs it is implied that the user of the calculation program possess the necessary knowledge of gas extinguishing systems and of the state of the art of the field of gas extinguishing systems and that the user creates system layouts which represent this knowledge. In special cases the VdS Inspection Services shall be consulted. Company organization, management and quality. In the case of deviations please consult with VdS:.


Packaging and distribution of goods The program features simple data vxs and contains a management device that makes repeated registration of the system components used superfluous.

VdS calculation software for gas extinguishing systems. If extinguishing gases are used for other risks than those listed in Annex C, they shall not be used with fires involving any of the following: Mechanical systems and components for general use Shipbuilding and marine structures Civil status – Town halls and communities.

The resistance coefficients can be determined by the VdS-laboratories, in case the manufacturer did not already receive them during the VdS approval process for the component. These Guidelines do not cover explosion suppression and inerting systems. ISO – Risk Management. Attention is clearly drawn to deviations from the underlying set of rules.