Directed by Egbert van Putten. Van den vos Reynaerde (). 6min | Animation, Short | 25 April (Netherlands) · Add a Plot». The mid thirteenth-century Dutch beast epic Van den vos Reynaerde is a fascinating reworking of the most popular branch of the Old French Roman de Renart. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Van den Vos Reynaerde, by Anonymous This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no.

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The negative remained at Geyer-Werke, in Berlin, one of two labs in Europe that could process color film.

I breed a thistle variety of unknown fineness, but the envious people don’t want to recognize me. Pal left for the United States shortly before the war, but many of his talented Dutch collaborators remained. The contest was directed by H. How can the prototype of the “bad guy” suddenly turn into a “hero”?

The mid thirteenth-century Dutch beast epic Van den vos Reynaerde is a fascinating reworking of the most popular branch of the Old French Roman de Renart and one of the finest examples of this popular genre, consisting of a lengthy cycle of animal tales which provided a satirical commentary on human society. It is considered a major work of Middle Dutch literature and has been called “the pinnacle of Gothic literature in the Netherlands.

Give me a modest little place in your empire, where I can modestly grow my thistles. Reasons and Explanations According to Van Putten, the main reason for making this film–a project of considerable duration–was to prevent Dutch animators from being sent to Germany. In fact, they were hired to do the routine work.

In the studio, the rhinoceroses who were called Jodocusses in the film had a nickname: Het dertiende-eeuwse meesterwerk van de middeleeuwse Nederlandse letterkunde, Van den vos Reynaerde, wordt samen met een moderne parallelvertaling in reynaerve boek uitgegeven. Vwn article is adapted from “‘Van den vos Reynaerde’ Over the next few years, a small fortune was invested in an animated film version, a remarkable example of Nazi propaganda of the highest technical quality.

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Reynaerdr the film, he is the fascist hero who makes the other animals resist the Jodocusses. Views Read Edit View history. In wartime Holland, it was not altogether uncommon that expensive and ambitious propaganda films found no audience. In other words, Beekman claims that he did not know what he was doing. He concluded a contract for some movies with the DVK and invested his own money and that of the German dancer, Ilse Meudtner, his girl friend and future wife, in the venture.

Some of those who worked on Reynard now claim that they were just simple employees who did not know what was going on. It is known, however, that some other films made by Nederland were also never released. Past Issues [ about help home info awn. Why it was never shown publicly is still a mystery.

Van Putten said that he took the only print of the film to Berlin, where he gave it to the widow of German film director Edgar Beyfus. A Republic is declared in which liberty, equality and fraternity exist.

Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal

He is accused of various crimes, but generally outwits his accusers. The rhinoceros introduces new ideas and the natural order is drastically altered. The “Great Propaganda Action” against the Jews was over byso maybe the film was completed dsn late to be useful. De hedendaagse vertaling, die in het Engels gesteld is om een zo groot mogelijk publiek te bereiken, volgt de middeleeuwse tekst reynarrde de voet.

When the Germans invaded Holland inhe was briefly imprisoned, only to be released after the Dutch Army capitulated. Some were forced to work in weapons’ factories. Satire about a fox who kills and bullies, and gets away with his deeds. According to Van Putten, both were very happy with the final result. On the other hand, the Council praised it for its technical excellence and for its “magnificent” drawings. Of Reynaert the Fox: Also, Reynard seems to offer an intellectual kind of anti-Semitism that was perhaps too abstruse for most filmgoers.


In spite of its rather crude anti-Semitism, the film, from a technical point of view, is very well made and a prime example of high quality Dutch animation: However, Reynard was never shown publicly and in the turmoil of the war was lost; ina fragment of the film was unearthed in Germany, thus permitting us to get a closer look at this fascinating film.

Maleperduis Reynardine Willem die Madocke maecte. About Reynard the Fox. Willem’s Reynard was translated into Latin verse by a contemporary.

Fragment from Van den vos Reynaerde () | +++ German ++ Propaganda +++

Van Putten had previously been financially involved in the famous prewar Dutch avant garde Filmliga Film League movement. While the animals argue whether or not Boudewijn is a legitimate successor to the throne, “a most peculiar animal that no one knew” announces himself: Init was published as a book and distributed in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The black and white silhouette drawings that Maarten Meuldijk had made for Van Genechten’s book lacked the depth need for animation and were certainly not suited for a color film.