Tarantula [Thierry Jonquet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Richard Lafargue is an eminent plastic surgeon haunted by dirty secrets. 31 Dec Tarantula. Thierry Jonquet. Film by Almodovar, based on Jonquet’s novel, starring Antonio Banderas to be released widely in the UK on So I just finished Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet and I’m feeling a little confused. I’ ve basically got two questions that it would be great if.

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View all 3 comments. The story was set in France and centers around Richard Lafargue a prominent plastic surgeon and his disturbing relationship with a beautiful mysterious young woman named Eve, whom Lafargue had under lock and key literally. They all may or may not tarrantula a part in this Mindfuck! I’ll admit at first my head was spinning from the three different story lines that were playing out but not for long.

So please don’t blame me if you spoil it for yourself. Leave a comment Filed under Book Review.

Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet

I especially like this remark by Mizuki on her review, “I found it to be very bold and imaginative, even kind of sexy in a twisted way. Recommended read however not for the light hearted Or maybe you need to be able to detach yourself a little from your own humanity and perceive human nature with a neutral eye.


What a beautiful monstrosity of a book! This book had me questioning my intelligence and I had a million different “theories”.

An intriguing twisted relationship between predator and prey, prisoner and jailer. The mental tortures he subjected Eve to was both ingenious and effective in molding her body and soul to his will. It’s revealed later on that he also has a daughter thiergy a psychiatric hospital, whom he visits regularly; with each visit, his pain at seeing her so unwell increases. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This is a moderated subreddit. On page 4, we get the early portrait of Lafargue, the ultimate power-junkie monster:. I found it to be very bold and imaginative, even kind of sexy in a twisted way.

Tarantula (novel) – Wikipedia

At just pages, I thought I could afford to take the risk, brewed coffee and opened the book…. View all 10 comments. Complex type of vengeance too, if you think about it, both physically and psychologically scarring.

Here’s where I will stop talking about the plot. Richard Lafargue is an eminent honquet surgeon haunted by dirty secrets. Another subplot is of a thief and a murderer, whose path crosses tzrantula with Richard’s and Eve’s.

Written by Thierry Jonquet, this makes for a must read although much too short. Obviously it’s an intriguing plot however nothing can really prepare you for Lafargue’s reasoning behind his actions and the final outcome.

Quick Rules:

Following these outings, Lafargue humiliates Eve by forcing her to perform lewd sexual acts with strangers while he watches through a one-way mirror. Has he gone mad as Eve perceived him to be or is his hatred really that all consuming? Notify me of new jonquer via email.


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And finally, a young man is held chained up in a cellar at the hands of an unknown possessor. Until recently, Alex made his way in the world by bouncing outside nightclubs, mugging and armed robbery.

Mygale (Tarantula) (The Skin I Live In) – Thierry Jonquet

This book is not for the faint hearted and if you do read it make sure you set aside a full afternoon you wont be able to put it down and be prepared to be shocked. Each has its own set of storyline with the movie preserving only part of the premise of this story. I’m planning now to see the movie, glad I resisted doing so before reading this. Archived from the original on I don’t think it would have worked htierry the two main characters weren’t so equally messed up and guilty.