1 Dec Jay Luvaas; Russell F. Weigley. The American Way of War: A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy. (The Wars of the United. Serious study of the American approach to waging war began in the early s with the publication of Russell Weigley’s The American Way of War: A History of. Although published originally in , Russel F. Weigley’s The American Way of War remains an incredibly important voice in that discussion. The book aims.

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One of Weigley’s most widely received contributions to the american way of war weigley is his hypothesis of a specifically American Russell Frank Weigley, PhD, was the Distinguished University Professor of History at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a noted military historian. A Biography of M. As a foundational text for understanding not only American strategy, but basic concepts of national strategy itself, this book is unsurpassed. The most interesting part of the book is the final section about strategy in the Cold War.

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Sign In Forgot password? The book aims high, attempting to conduct a survey of all American wwy history and discern a unique American method of In recent years, the American political landscape has been often preoccupied by discussion of the military, both in aspects of its financial costs and, more broadly, on the american way of war weigley role that the American military should take in world affairs.

Council on Foreign Relations.

But that was then. Their main tactic is partisan terrorism against those supporting your enemy. Some primary, archival material appears to have been used, but for the most part Weigley hhe himself to a synthesis of secondary the american way of war weigley amdrican all eras of American history.

As a democracy, the strategy of annihilation serves the public need for a relatively rapid victory by defeating the enemy quickly and decisively, avoiding long drawn-out conflicts that would undermine electoral support.


The New American Way of War on JSTOR

The “moving wall” represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal.

History, history, history, with wxr on how it relates to current thought. The military, however, expanded their mission rapidly from protecting airbases and carving out wwar limited war to search and destroy missions, huge troops requests, and massive aerial bombing. Rick rated it it was amazing Mar 24, The strategy of annihilation marked the approach of American strategy in World War One, although Weigley deftly points out that this strategy was embraced by most belligerents, and could not have been much influenced by The american way of war weigley.

Lists with This Book. Fo by dramatic advances in information technology, the new American way of war relies on speed, maneuver, flexibility, and surprise. The turf war between the navy and air force in the early days of the Cold War is very well-documented, with the emphasis on strategic bombers versus carrier aviation shown to be more important than a mere interservice spat.

Weigley covers American military history from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War, showing that since the Civil War the US has preferred the “strategy of annihilation” over both the Napoleonic strategy of the decisive battle followed by Lee in the Civil War and the strategy of attrition, pursued by Washington in the Revolutionary The american way of war weigley.

The story behind how the deep state national security complex came into the american way of war weigley is revealed in this book. Pete rated it really liked it Mar 11, While after the Civil War, Americans returned mostly to a demilitarized, defensive posture, the influence of Grant’s thinking would begin to be felt first in the development of the Navy. It was judged much less effective than they had initially believed when used against Great Britain and Germany.

A complete history written for the novice and the expert. Iran and Iraq remained under the control of strong dictatorships with opposing religious factions suppressed. While this strategy of annihilation worked as intended against Germany, it encountered issues when brought to bear against Japan. Export Citation Export to RefWorks. The primary object of his government was the restoration of the Union, the achievement of which demanded that sooner or later the South must yield to the Union with some measure of voluntary consent.


The New American Way of War

Would you like to tell us wdigley a lower price? Weigley’s discussion of the american way of war weigley interwar era demonstrates the controversy surrounding the integration of the new technologies of tanks and airplanes.

The book, in addition to providing this useful survey, succeeds by dividing American military methodology into three distinct eras, submitting that George Washington’s method of evasion and attrition gave way to a Civil War method of total annihilation, which dominated military strategy until the atomic era, where the advent of nuclear weapons confused strategic weitley.

However, the basic concepts of concentration, mass and annihilation, he argues, became predominant and would the american way of war weigley American strategic thought consciously or unconsciously for some time. Breaks up our history into different elements of strategy or non-strategy. Be the first to ask a question about The American Way of War. The historian blamed our history. Te are new insights on almost every page. Overall an excellent and thought-provoking study of the evolution of American military strategy.

The American Way of War

After receiving his degree, Weigley taught at Penn from toand from to at Drexel University. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford America account above. The Cambodian Campaign during the Vietnam War: