Full Summary. This product is included with purchase of entire Game Setup or any Deluxe Game with cards. With Strat-O-Matic, you are the manager – and. 29 Apr Somebody tracked me down on Twitter and asked if I had any other custom rules that I use when playing Strat-O-Matic. Why yes I do. But then. 0, On the roster for a pitcher what does the number to the right of the pitcher mean. by napakleen Tue May 29, pm. 6. Fri Jul 27, pm.

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Find the correct fielding position for strat-o-matc play in question and the proper fielder’s rating the horizontal line with columns 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Strat-O-Matic Baseball: Custom Rules

There is a more precise stolen-base system. A manager may not deliberately remove, pinch-hit for, or change the defensive position of the last player eligible to play at a position.

Why yes I do. We are extremely proud that we can offer you a game so easy and so fun that also delivers life-like accuracy with baseball statistics. Cross-reference the sum of the colored dice with the appropriate line in the correct column. In most instances, it is advisable to rate the player “5” defensively in this unfamiliar position. Expulsion requires the concurrence of four-fifths of the members of the Rules Committee. Also, on this reading when there is a runner on 2nd but not runner on 3rd the runner on second CAN try to tag up and advance to third.

Within this section look at the play result next to the “E1” symbol for the final result of the play. Once a pitcher has reached his POW, it cannot be overcome.


For each ejected player, roll the sided Split Die for the suspension duration. You may wish to ask, “are you set? If the number is greater than the second steal rating then this baserunner is picked off. If the number rolled is less than or equal to the second steal rating the baserunner dives back safely the steal attempt is canceled and the runner vaseball not attempt to get the good lead again while still on this base.

After the next batter strikes out, he may decide not to hold the runner on. The results of the play will be found opposite the reading. If the roll falls within baesball range for his automatic outs, then he is out stealing. When you roll the same number twice in a row it will happen! Shake those dice well before each roll. Please note that all homerun readings found on the pitcher’s card are preceded by the letter N.

I will try your modified RP limits and see how that works. Instead, refer to the Ball Park Effect Chart. The infield is automatically playing back when it fails to indicate positioning.

I also have the possibility of injuries or fights breaking out after close plays. If you have questions on how to use this, please consult the HELP section within your game or ask a league member. The fielding rating can be found in the upper left hand corner of the defensive player’s card. If he is held on, then his success rate may not exceed However, if injuries temporarily eliminate all eligible players for a specific position, fill the position with the most logical remaining player.


Advanced Rules | Strat-O-Matic Baseball | BoardGameGeek

The white die refers to the proper column number on the player’s card. A message announcing a trade should be sent by either team to all members through the Group site. HAL can, and will, do whatever he wants. A white 3, a colored 2 and a colored 6 would be read as batter’s column No. The penalty for holding a runner on is as follows: If you are using the designated hitter rule, any player may he used as a DH in place of the pitcher. Do not use the pitcher’s card for his turn at bat.


The Closer Endurance rating is a measure of how many outs a pitcher can maintain his effectiveness in “Closer situations”. With Lefty Gomez pitching to Al Simmons, a is rolled. Your game includes several easy-to-use charts. For the ultimate in strategy and realism, we recommend the Supplementary Stealing System.

Baseball Rule Book

Any player with a rating for center field may play either left field or right field. For example, a pitcher with a 3 should use the pitcher’s hitting card number three. If the Commissioner is the owner of a team in the league, bsaeball decision requires the concurrence of all of the members of the Rules Committee, and if objected to by any member other than one of the teams participating in the league, a vote of seven members of the League, with the Commissioner and the two teams affected by the trade not participating in the vote.