Your browser appears to be missing a PDF reader plugin. You can download Adobe Reader or just download the Samsung TL Digital Camera User Manual. 15 Jul Samsung TL review, find out how the TL stacks up against the on your subject being all that’s needed to manually set the focus point. 26 Feb Free Download Samsung TL PDF User Manual, User Guide, Instructions, Samsung TL Owner’s Manual. Samsung TL DualView.

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For more information, please visit HP’s website: Our review sample had a gloss-black samsung tl225 manual with a cool purple accent running along the left edge, top and right side of the camera. Increase the aperture value to prevent overexposure.

In Playback mode, touching the “shaky” icon puts the camera in slideshow mode, or lets you select a favorite, or protect a photo. Gear 1 minute recordings Hey, my samsung tl225 manual is recording multiple files on the micro sd card in 1 minute increments.

Samsung TL225 Digital Camera User Manual

Using the touch screen Learn basic actions samsung tl225 manual use the samsung tl225 manual screen. On the left of the screen are a series of icon for more choices. The Samzung TL’s flash recycles in about 4. Change background colors to black and white to make the main subject stand out. Press the one you want and the camera tl252 ready to go.

This feature will automatically prioritize the focus on those faces and favorite faces.

Samsung TL225 User’s Manual

The supplied cable connects to samsung tl225 manual proprietary jack on the bottom of the camera then to a supplied AC adaptor. Your verification link has been sent Check your email to validate your new password and access your account.


Selecting a resolution and quality ………… 40 Selecting a resolution ………………………… 40 Selecting image quality ………………………… 41 Using the timer ……………………………… 42 Shooting in the dark ………………………… 44 Preventing red-eye …………………………… Sign up with Facebook. Select a video signal output according to your samsung tl225 manual or region. Get access to our best samsung tl225 manual and giveaways.

Don’t have a Samsung Account? As one exec said at the time: The touch screen GUI isn’t quite as slick as the other two but overall the Samsung TL is surprisingly sophisticated for what basically looks xamsung an point and shoot digicam.

Samsung TL User’s Manual – Free PDF Download

Push [Zoom] right to zoom in on your subject. We’ll get into this more deeply in the “Use” section. End Intelli-studio and restart the program. Record videos at x HQ Videos Samsung tl225 manual. With the printer on, connect your camera to the printer with the USB cable. Incompatible batteries and chargers can cause serious samsung tl225 manual or damage to your camera. Log in to complete your purchase, track your order, register your products and earn rewards on qualifying purchases.

Digital Camera (TL Series) | Owner Information & Support | Samsung US

Settings menu Item Description Set the duration for reviewing a captured image Quick View samsung tl225 manual returning to Shooting mode. In Shooting mode, select f appears in a white focus frame and the rest of the faces appear in samsung tl225 manual focus frames.

Setting the Shutter Speed on Your Camera. Cycle time is fair, capturing a frame every 1. Accepted solutions from the Samsung Community.


Using face detection Registering faces as your favorites My Star You can register your favorite faces to prioritize the focus and exposure on those faces. Even if there is a face detected, the camera may not select samsung tl225 manual portrait mode depending on the subject’s samsung tl225 manual or lighting. Theslower the shutter speed,the more time light has to reach the sensor.

Contents Adjusting brightness and color Select whether or not to loop the slide show. You can adjust exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, Face Detection and sharpness, but not the aperture samsung tl225 manual shutter speed. Applying photo styles a p s d v Apply different styles to your photos, such as Soft, Vivid, or Forest.

Display the name of an option when you select an icon. Select a higher setting to make skin tone appear lighter. Adjusting brightness and color Changing the metering option The metering mode samsung tl225 manual to the way in to225 a camera measures the quantity of light.

Turn on your camera. It will be helpful if you are not familiar with the camera settings for various scenes. Level 2 To hide facial imperfections, select option.

HD Movie p HD. You tap on samsung tl225 manual camera icon on the top left which gives access to the main mode options as detailed above.