20 Nov Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoess was one of the men tried in had no idea of the history of the man who died 20 years before he was born. 28 Jan While he awaited trial in Poland, Rudolf Hoess wrote his memoirs, which were later published in a book with the title “Death Dealer.” Hoess. 27 Sep Rudolf Franz Höss: Rudolf Hoss, German soldier and Nazi official who served as commandant of Rudolf Franz Höss, (born November 25, , Baden-Baden, Germany—died April 16, , Rudolf Franz Hoess (Höss).

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Hoss was forthright in conveying his own personal history, his role in the Nazi machine, and his position as Kommandant of Auschwitz. Retrieved from ” https: The passages concerned disturb all the more for the lack of awareness in their teller, but they should be required reading for all holocaust deniers.

Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz by Rudolf Höss

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. I got a job on a farm near Flensburg as a laborer. These excerpts are edited by playwright Jurg Amann in a way intended for a theatrical reading.

He got in contact with the doctor of the women’s camp to find him suitable persons. Retrieved 8 February Ironically however, once he gets to the minutiae of the mass murdering of prisoners hoesss turgid, matter-of-fact style becomes a blow for the truth and hoists him by his own petard. Nazi Partypolitical party of the mass movement known as National Socialism. Owing to the immense over populating of existing barracks and owing to the inadequate hygienic installations, epidemic diseases like spotted fever autobiograpuy, typhus, scarlet fever and diphtheria, broke out from time to time, especially in the camp Birkenau.

Author’s Note to Chapter One. For the above mentioned reasons, Himmler declared the only possibility to extend this camp, in accordance with this plan, was Auschwitz, as it was a railway junction of four lines and, not being thickly populated, the camp area could be cut off completely. Jun 02, Gretchen added it. In so doing I have inflicted terrible wounds on humanity. You might have to take breaks from this book, as it is very haunting and disturbing, but it is a very important read.


Prisoners which were kept in concentration camps for the Gestapo and who have not been sentenced out of political reasons were allowed to be removed by any other means. Views Read Edit View history.

Auschwitz commander’s grandson: Why my family call me a traitor

A Mass Murderer Repents: People unfit to work were gassed in a room of the crematorium in accordance with an order which Himmler gave me personally. He estimates numbers killed which never made it to the millions, because Hoess believed there was no way there had been millions murdered. He eve Did I give this book five stars because I agree with what he did?

West German trials Frankfurt Auschwitz trials Treblinka trials. Harlan Amen quoted from the second affidavit which was alleged to be the English translation of a deposition given by Hoess in German. When they were undressed, they went into the room according to size, 2 to at a time. The question of the book: May 29, Lisa rated it it was amazing. The Globe and Mail. The cremation of approximately 2, prisoners in five cremating stoves took approximately 12 hours. If you had any doubts about the Holocaust this book will change your mind.

But now they are not just talking about Jews, now the target is much bigger,” he said.

Holocaust Survivors: Bibliography – Commandant of Auschwitz: The Autobiography of Rudolf Hoess

By the end of his tour of duty there, he was serving as administrator of the property of prisoners. Quadrangle Books,p. He treats the Jews and others as vermin to be killed.

He mentions a man who, upon wheeling a dead body to the ovens, stopped momentarily upon realizing it was his own wife but then went on with his job as if utterly nonplussed. One transport from Belsen arrived, approximately two-thirds, mostly hpess were in the gas- chamber, the remaining third was in the dressing room.


Eventually, Mr Hoess left home at the age of 16, trained as a chef, and broke all contact with the rest of his family by Regarding the reason of the deaths, he could put any illness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is the reason why he decided to do the mass exterminations in Auschwitz and I had to make the preparations at once.

His unapologetic and banal detailing of events unwittingly makes for a crucial historical primary source. The burning took 6 to 7 hours. The best way to transfer money overseas. Jul 27, Ian rated autobikgraphy really liked it Shelves: Not one group in the camp goes unexamined by Hoess, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, women, and homosexuals.

In his memoir, he also revealed his mistreatment at the hands of his British captors [47]:. The Case of Rudolf Hoess” wrote that four days before he was hung, Hoess sent a message to the state prosecutor.

The smell of the burned bodies was noticed in the camp even if the wind was blowing from the west. He came to admire Himmler so much that he considered whatever he said to be the “gospel” and preferred to display his picture in his office rather than that of Hitler [ citation needed ]. This book is downright disturbing!

Is Hoss completely delusional and fanatical and believing everything he says? I will say this is one of the first books I have read that has lead me to think on a greater level and actually examine what the conflict is.