Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘A rich and powerful tapestry of words layered in legend and myth. Queen of Camelot – Kindle edition by Nancy McKenzie. 2 Jan About Queen of Camelot. “Guinevere comes alive–a strong, resourceful, and compassionate woman, accessible to modern folk McKenzie. McKenzie makes a quantum leap in defining the character of Guinevere as a real , decides to raise Mordred, teaching him to be a ruler and to honor Camelot.

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My father faced her. Although sometimes annoying her constant weeping and wearing of blue I found this version of Guinevere to be extremely likable queen of camelot nancy mckenzie still flawed and human. The main characters are well-imagined and well-developed, and there are some queen of camelot nancy mckenzie twists on some of the more minor characters such as Galahad and Gawaine. It is the best Arthurian retelling I have read. The truth is I never quite liked her, halfway through I was tired of her and almost liked the scheming, vindictive Elaine and the incestous witch Morgause better Lancelot had a few moments of his own.

Guinevere is to be a “white shadow” or qkeen. But he’s okay with her queen of camelot nancy mckenzie only loving Lancelot, too, but actually engaging in public displays of affection I lost count mckenzis the number of times she and Lancelot hold hands or kiss before others, or she tells people that she loves Lancelot but it’s okay because they won’t betray the king.

At the same time, McKenzie spends so much effort on showing that relationship that she fails to make Guinevere’s love for Lancelot believable, which undermines the love triangle aspect of the story and since McKenzie does use the love triangle as an important plot point, it needs to be credible.


Book Review: Queen of Camelot

The very sight of her face froze him to the spot where he stood, and she passed by. In need of an heir, she and Arthur decide to recognize his bastard son Mordred, whom he had with his sister Morguase.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I enjoyed the sympathetic Guinevere, and I was looking forward to the sympathetic Mordred, but this book is not good. The story had me by the throat. The biggest twist in this tale is that Mordred is seen nowhere nearly as evil as cameot usually portrayed.

I’m not saying a word about the plot other than it was hard to put down and did not go along with the legends thought of, of that time. This is in my top five favorite nckenzie ever.

Published January 2nd by Del Rey first published January 1st Mordred will queen of camelot nancy mckenzie her greatest joy—and the key to her ultimate downfall. McKenzie makes a quantum leap in defining the character of Guinevere as a real, flesh-and-blood woman.

They call him Riothamus because of his power, just decision-making, and ability to inspire love and quesn in his subjects. In the end, the novel is about individuals trying to fight fate and ultimately failing, perhaps because they fight fate. When Arthur cannot come to escort Guinevere to Camelot himself, he sends a few of his knights to fetch her, including Lancelot, who falls almost instantly in love with the wild-haired princess, and she with him.


Then she finds herself betrothed to that same famous king, a hero who commands her willing devotion. The way it tied queen of camelot nancy mckenzie with the end Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Queen of Camelot (Queen of Camelot #) by Nancy McKenzie

Aug 01, Eva Rose rated it did not like it Shelves: Mordred meets with Saxon leaders in secret to make a peace treaty, as Arthur goes to fight the Saxons. Inspired queen of camelot nancy mckenzie Your Browsing History. Queen of camelot nancy mckenzie the first time in literary or cinematic form I am endeared to Guinevere.

Elaine is headstrong, stubborn, and always puts herself first, even before her older cousin. She will love him like a mother. I have to say my favorite bit of this story was the portrayal of Mordred as a sympathetic character. Return to a time of legend—the days of Guinevere and Arthur and the glory that was to become Camelot From the Trade Paperback edition.

Hers will be a fate no one will envy.

I believe that she felt him worthy of her undying devotion. View all 50 comments. I’m honestly glad I read the book, and hope to read Galahad’s Lancelot’s son story in the near future. Yet she soon learns how queen of camelot nancy mckenzie dark prophecy will reveal itself. Refresh and try again.