Oracle Developer Questions and Answers for Oracle Forms. + Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is trigger associated with the timer? Question2: What are the trigger. 28 Jul When you call a form, Oracle Forms issues a savepoint for the called form. If the CLEAR_FORM function causes a rollback when the called form.

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Consider List Item instead of Radio Group if there are more than four or five choices.

Posted by Krishnareddy at Modeless Window is an unrestricted window that the user can move freely. What is the minimum number of groups required for a matrix report.

OC4J is qkestions to run form applications. What are the trigger associated with image items? Each new form module has one predefined window which is called Window1 and is a modeless window. What is Co-ordination Causing Event? Input Items are those items that accepts user Input.

Oracle Forms 6I Interview Questions And Answers Pdf | MOST ASKED | Interview Questions

The calling form is terminated as the parent form. When an object in an object group is deleted from a module, questilns is removed from the object group automatically.

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Horizontal tool bars are display at the top of a window, just under its menu bar.

It is displayed with an arrow to the left of the property name. If you packaged these objects into an object group, you could then copy them to any number of other forms in one simple operation.

Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers – Oracle Forms FAQ- Part-2

You are commenting using your Forme account. Deleting an object group from a module does not delete the objects it contains from the module. There are three types of list item: Frame is used to arrange data block items.

What are modalless windows? Notify me of new posts via email. Menu Module consists of a hierarchy of menus, each with selectable items. What are Input items?

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The default file extensions indicate the library queztions type and storage format.

To specify the order of individual group evaluation in a cross products. Returns the value of the indicated variable. Experienced in Oracle database? A non-query record group is a group that does not have an interciew query, but whose structure and values can be modified programmatically at runtime. Is a named object.


What are modal windows? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: What are the different styles of actvation of ole Objects?

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I6, unlike database tables, record groups are separate objects that belong to the form module which they are defined. What is Flex Answer: What are forma Built-ins to display the user-named editor? In Oracle forms, Embedded objects become part of the form module, and linked objects are references from a form module to a linked source file. For a modelless window, it determines whether oracle forms hides the window automatically when the operators navigates to an item in the another window.