+ Oracle Scm Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are different planning methods in Inventory? Question2: What are the setups for different. Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers – Inventory Module – Part IV – Free download as Oracle apps Order Management Interview questions. 29 Dec Oracle Apps – SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers that you create using DFF will be mapped to a column in Oracle Applications.

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There is a field for the organization code. Where are standard notes in GUI? When in the Enter Receipts form and using different responsibilities produces different values in the action required field.

How to reflect discount from a supplier on a Purchase orders? Transfer — Transfer items between locations.

Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions: Inventory « Learn Oracle

This will take the locator which has been defined at item attribute level. Choose the from org. This column is used for release approval amount validation.

Serial control is to monitor and track every single qty of an item like electronic devices where we track by xnd number. Using the report do the cycle counts 5.

If present you need to issue out and change the flag and receive those back. If item is not resolvable If Sub inventory Allow reservation is not allowed If Item is lot controlled and lot is expired.


Oracle SCM Interview Questions

This can be done for entire organization or can be confined to a specific subinventory. This is used during material transaction when source is Sales Order 2. Both these transactions are used for the movement of items from one sub oracle apps scm interview questions and answers to the other.

Then create a Category set for Purchasing controlled at the master level. The shipment, raw materials, inventory are tracked from starting to end. Why are expense items typically accrued at period-end, and why are inventory items always accrued on receipt?

These can be raw material, finished goods or defective material sub inventory.

Oracle SCM Functional Guide: Oracle Apps – SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers

Salesforce Lightning Training 5. Expense items typically are oracle apps scm interview questions and answers accounted for on a daily basis, and most companies find it easier to account interrview and reconcile these expenses at month-end rather than at the time each individual expense is incurred. What are the setups for different planning method Min-Max 1. This transaction is used to transfer goods from one inventory organization to another. This transaction is used to issue materials against production orders.

The unit of measure UOM helps us count the number of items involved in a transaction or the number of items that ahswers stored in a subinventory interfiew a locator. An asset account that tracks resource cost. Oracle Application Framework Interview Questions. A transaction type is a combination of a transaction source type and a transaction action.


Describe Interorganization Shipping Networks An inter-organization shipping network describes the relationships and accounting information between a shipping organization and a destination organization.

I can use Market research and Historical analogy to forecast. Specify the to-org, transfer type as intransit, and input a value for shipment-number. Send Notifications For Purchasing Documents? In cases where the desired safety stock level changes during the order lead time, Oracle Inventory uses the largest safety stock pracle during the lead-time. There is no onhand present in that sub inventory.

Assign the Payables Purge GUI responsibility to the user — have the user choose that responsibility, then choose Purge from the menu. The subinventory oracle apps scm interview questions and answers is defined in the subinventory oradle and the locator order is defined in the locator definition.

BC Analysis is an Inventory categorization method to categorize items into 3 different classes A being the most valuable and C being the least valuable ones. Oracle Inventory can automatically generate requisitions to inform your purchasing department that a replenishment order is required to supply your organization.

How do you calculate Total annual cost? Was this replaced in GUI by attachments?