K views NORMA K Especificaciones de Tuberia T 1 B . la ocurrencia de un incidente, en los centros de trabajo del Organismo Pemex Refinación; . 7 6. en la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOMSTPS y en la Guía Corporativa. Norma k Rev 7 Teoria NRFPEMEXF(VAAR) . Concepto K- Principio de presión inversa Presión: P1 P3 P3 P1 Burgmann. 11 Jul is submitting the Form 6-K in paper as permitted by Regulation S-T Rule (b )(1) The following discussion of PEMEX’s recent results should be read in Petróleos Mexicanos hereby designates this report on Form 6-K as being /) filed by Compañía Petrolera La Norma, S.A., against.

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The results of drilling activities, test wells and production after the date of estimation are utilized normz future revisions of reserves estimates. However, financial assets with credit impairment after initial recognition, interest income is calculated by applying the effective interest rate at the amortized cost of the financial asset. This decrease in production was primarily a result of:.

Accordingly, cash flows fromsales are generated and received in Normma pesos. Pemex Exploration and Production won four blocks. As a result of the decrease in these obligations, we believe net cash flows from our operating and financing normx will be sufficient to meet our working capital, debt service and capital expenditure requirements for the next twelve months, given that since earlywe and the Mexican Government have adjusted investment, taxation and financing plans to address declining oil prices and maintain our financial strength and flexibility as further described below:.

Total consolidated operating income loss. Nor,a capitalization rate shall be the weighted average of the borrowing costs applicable to all borrowings of the entity that are outstanding during the period. PEMEX derecognizes a financial asset when the contractual rights to the cash flows from the financial asset expire, or it transfers the rights to receive the contractual cash flows in a transaction in which morma all of the risks and rewards of ownership of the financial asset are transferred or in which PEMEX neither transfers nor retains substantially all of the risks and rewards of ownership and it does not retain control of the financial asset.

Finance leases, which transfer to PEMEX substantially all the inherent benefits and risks of the leased property, are capitalized at the date the lease commences, and the value is recorded as the lower of the fair value of the leased property and the present value of the minimum lease payments.


Indicate by check mark whether the registrant files or will file annual reports under cover of Form F or Form F.

This reserve is included as part of the reserve for sundry creditors and others as a long-term liability in the statement of financial position. Total long-term debt does not include short-term indebtedness of Ps. Other financial liabilities pemfx subsequently measured at amortized cost using the effective interest method. Deferred tax assets and liabilities are measured at the tax rates that are expected to apply to the period when the asset is realized or the liability is settled, based on tax rates and tax laws that have been enacted or substantively enacted by the end of the reporting period.


pemeex A financial asset unless it is a trade receivable without a significant financing component or financial liability is initially measured at fair value plus, for an item not at FVTPL as defined belowtransaction costs that are directly attributable to its acquisition or issue. Hydrocarbon extraction duties and other duties and taxes paid increased by 3.

The lower IEPS tax credit was caused by a decrease in the difference between the retail price of gasoline and diesel and the production price in the first three months of as compared to the first three months of The business plan was prepared conservatively and does not include additional income from the disposal of assets. During the first three months ofnatural gas production decreased by Items that will be reclassified subsequently peemx profit or loss: District Court for reconsideration in light of the intervening decision of the Mexican court.

Debt payments, principal only. The determination of whether an agreement is or contains a lease is based on the content of the agreement at the date of execution.

No se deben utilizar para regular flujos. For more information about Subsidiary Companies, see Note 4.

Total sales increased by Distribution, transportation and sales expenses. Advance payments for the acquisition of pipelines, peex, plant and equipment are also recognized in the line item of wells, pipelines, properties, plant and equipment when nprma risks and benefits of the ownership have been transferred to PEMEX.

Unrealized losses are eliminated in the same way as unrealized gains but only to the extent that there is no evidence of impairment. Refined products and their derivatives are sold within the national market. Commission File Number Financial instruments and contract assets.



norms The new impairment model applies to financial assets measured at amortized cost, contract assets and debt investments at FVOCI, but not to investments in equity instruments. Total other comprehensive results.

Petrochemical products accounted for the remainder of export sales excluding the trading activities of the PMI Group in the first three months of and 0.

The pleading stage will begin once the evidentiary stage concludes. The Subsidiary Entities, and their respective primary purposes, are as follows:.

Production of petroleum products increased by 2. Available-for-sale financial assets are non-derivative financial instruments that are designated as available for-sale or are not classified in any of the previous categories. Three months ended March 31, 1. Hydrocarbon extraction duties and other duties and taxes paid decreased by 9. With this budget, our management expects that we will be able to maintain our medium- and long-term growth plans without the need to incur more indebtedness than the amount included in our approved financing program for Such translations should not be construed as a representation that the peso amounts have been or pemfx be converted into U.

Net profit loss for the period. A trade receivable without a significant horma component is initially measured at jorma transaction price. The weighted average price per barrel of crude oil exports in the first three months of was U.

A financial instrument is measured at fair value through profit or loss if it is classified as held for trading or designated as such upon initial recognition.

Therefore, transportation fees can be included in the price of sale of the product, but are nomra part of a single performance obligation since transportation is rendered before control is transferred.

Tyul Files: Norma K Pemex Pdf

Avenida Marina Nacional No. The increase in net income was mainly the result of a Ps.

In addition, any gains or losses associated with such instruments, as well as foreign exchange differences are recognized in other comprehensive results and presented psmex the fair value reserve in equity. Domestic sales of petroleum products increased by 4.