7 Oct This post will focus only in his songs, collected in the “Resucitó Chants” for neocatechumenal psalmists. In the Way is not possible to introduce. 11 Oct In the NEOCATECHUMENAL Way, we see today coming to light the humble service of the CANTOR. In this itinerary of initiation to Faith, the. Songs MP3 Neocatechumenal way. Home >. MP3 neocatechumenal songs in Spanish or English Neo-catechumenal Ways Songs in others languages.

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Alejada October 8, at 1: It’s not my post. Kiko kills family relationships. This has always been the case. Is there a place where Kiko says these are his originally?

Kiko took the idea of Rabbi Neocatechumnal Carlebach, who gathered his people to have long catechesis before singing their songs. Excuse my lack of knowledge in those chants in English version.

I do believed that sonys Holy Spirit inspired somebody like Kiko to proced the unconditional love of Jesus to our beloved brothers of Israel peoples. Como es maravilloso – Salmo There is no one single manifestation of this, it is diverse in the world; faith and anti-faith, Gospel and anti-Gospel; Church and anti-Church, God and anti-God, if we can put it like that.

Neocatechumenals truly are fanatics of him. Once we can get this then we can make accusations The fact is that you aim at the authenticity, fullness, coherence, sincerity of Christian life. Chants of Neocatechumenal WayKiko Arguello songs. Anonymous October 8, at neocatechumwnal And all touched by him become gold.

Here there are some of the songs, first the link to Kiko song and second the link to the original Jewish songs”.

The aim of this book is not only to spread the songs, but to offer to the cantors of the Neocatechumenal communities the original texts and musical cords, so that they can in a better way be faithful to the oral tradition that they have received.

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Augustine – On Psalms. There are some songs that neocatechumenals use to sing that have become popular out of the Way.

If the psalm prays, pray; if it cries, cry;if it gives thanks, rejoice; if it hopes, hope;if it fears, fear St. Even those ones are heard in several catholic Church celebrations as if they were part of traditional catholic liturgic acerb.

That is the way the founder decides what, when, why and how to sing. Hey Tim, interesting information here. Once I hear there are people looking for a little peace of whatever thrown from Kiko in a meeting to preserve it as a relic. In this age of ours, we need to rediscover a radical faith, radically understood, radically lived, and radically fulfilled. Tim June 29, at Anonymous October 10, at 9: My dearest ones, we are living in a period in which we are experiencing a radical confrontation – and I say this, because it is also my experience over many years – a radical confrontation that is everywhere.


He is the only ans supreme compositor. So here man finds himself faced with his fundamental vocation, we can say almost natural: Ma Nishtana – Passover Songs. This spiritual worship is expressed in the liturgical action of the community. This witness, this proof, has been given by the saints: Maybe all his catechesis supposedly based on jew’s understanding are not ortodox at all.

Anonymous June 29, at 7: We talked about the CNC both are former members, he was more than 20 years in a community, I was born in a neocatechumenal family and I walked more than 10 years in a community. Interesting what is said in that link, where a person asks a rabbi about Kiko’s song “Two angels”, without mentioning Kiko, of course. For this reason, we thought it suitable to present them in a progressive order following the steps of the way, in the very same manner in which they came to light along the years, in which they led us on our way, from the initial catechesis through the various passages.


Anonymous October 8, at 3: Anonymous October 8, at 5: The corresponding songs to the different steps or stages of the way must not be taught nor sung in the community until your catechists tell you so.

This joy that is in your surroundings, in your songs, in your behaviour, may very well be a sign of your southern temperament, but I hope it is a fruit of the Spirit, and I wish that it may be so.

This is neicatechumenal greatest merit, I repeat, which consoles us enormously, prompts and inspires our wishes, prayers, and most abundant blessings on you, on all those who help you, on all those whom you can, with your greeting and message, greet on your behalf. Therefore the cantors, who are called to do a service in the Liturgy of our Communities, even neocatechumenap they have tapes of different versions of the same song, are called to follow with humility the text printed here because it seems to us the closest to the one Kiko has chosen: In the Way is not possible to introduce a song not musicaly arranged by Kiko.

Yes, the Church needs joy, because joy, with its different expressions is a revelation of happiness. Here I must say to you: If he sees this happiness, if he meets it in the expression of joy, he can start a way. Anonymous Neocqtechumenal 29, at 2: We are living this experience in our wzy, and more so than in previous times.

I listened to some of these really horrible music scary. Dear Alejada, thank you for your commentary, your English is quite good!