Description: Mafatih al-Jinan (Keys to Heavens) by Shaikh Abbass Qumi is a Twelver Shi’a compilation of selected chapters (surahs) from Quran, Taaqeebat e . 24 May Mafatih ul Jinan – This marvellous app consists of Mafatih al-Jinan (Keys to Heavens) that is a Twelver Shi’a compilation of selected chapters. Mafatih al Jinan – Mafatih Al Jinan – Arabic & English 1st time Complete Mafatih al Jinan in Arabic & English with Baqiyatus Swalehat. App Developed in Iran by.

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The mystery of this mafatih ul jinan in be that the Ahlulbayt in their supplications mafaih hymns have spoken with Allah the Glorious, the Exalted. I like the way “tashkeel” is highlighted in a different color which makes the reading experience much better. Several long and short Surahs of the Qur’an are usually printed in the beginning of Mafatih al-jinan.

There is no god but Allah.

Mafatih ul Jinan APK

Retrieved from ” http: There are four sacred months for the Muslim community. Rajab is one of the four months of sanctity during which the Arabs would not fight.

God bless Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi and other scholars, but prayers; Dhikrs and ziyarahs are not the only part of the religion. Mafatih-i nuwinwhich is actually the modified mafayih of Jinaan al-jinanhas been collected and published by Ayatollah Makarim Shirazione of the Shi’a marja’s.

Its color is whiter than milk; its taste is sweeter than honey. Removing the extra first index from Mafatih ul jinan in suras – Fixes a few fonts rendering problem – Fixes a lot of reported bugs. Since Mafatih al-jinan covers mostly individual acts of worship, Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli has composed and published the book of Mafatih al-hayat [literally mafafih “keys to life”] based on mafatih ul jinan in regarding social and family relationships as well as maftih life.


Therefore dedicate yourselves with increasing intensity to the recitation of the formula:. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Fighting the disbelievers in it is prohibited. Ibn Babwayhi al-Shaykh al-Saduq d. Mafatih ul jinan in contains du’assupplications, Ziyarah textspractices specific to certain days, months, and occasions, religious practices and manners, as well as some anecdotes narrated from the Prophet sImams aand Islamic scholars.

Seyyid Ibn Tawus d. Some information regarding the manners of travel, rituals of ziyarahand also [the text of] asking permission for entering holy shrines have been mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. The compiler of Mafatih al-jinan has included content from other books including Iqbal al-a’mal by al-Sayyid mafatih ul jinan in. It a very good apps mafatih ul jinan in there are some words in parenthesis which in comparison with reliable Shia documents should determine is necessary or not should eliminate Thanks.

The chapters are as follows:. The seventh Imam Musa b. The former aims to improve the authenticity of Mafatih al-jinan and the latter to complete it. Apr 18, Version 1. This pre-Islamic custom was accommodated within Mafatih ul jinan in with some modifications.

Online Mafatih-i nuwin farsi. Glory be to the Most Mighty and Most Generous. Since the Mafatih al-jinan in full form is a large book, mafatih ul jinan in it is not easy to be carried, many publishers have frequently published selections of it. Muhammad Rida al-Qummi b. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this mafattih.

And the one who possesses some degree of understanding in mafatih ul jinan in heart, if mafatih ul jinan in ponder about these supplications, would certainly accept their vicegerency without requiring any further proof and miracle. By the sixth day after its publication in the International Book Exhibition of Tehran, the book mafatiih sold out, and the publisher began to sell the next copies of the book in advance.

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It includes the recommended acts during Nowruz and the Roman months. So grant me the totality of the good of this world and that of the hereafter by my seeking You specifically.

Sayyid Hashim Rasuli Mahallati translated this book. Asad iinan, martyrs of the Battle of UhudSalman al-Farsietc. Of course, there are specifications as to the number of repetitions required of these recitations, and for each specification there are slight changes in the wordings of the mafatih ul jinan in formulas, however, the core teaching that mafatih ul jinan in can deduce from all these different specifications and wordings is that an excess in the recitation of these recitations is highly encouraged.

The compiler has included his al-Baqiyat al-salihat to Mafatih al-jinan which has been published in the margin of various editions. Nevertheless, he has not mentioned the chain of narrators and only indicated the source from which the du’as have been quoted.

Mafatih ul Jinan Free Download

jinaj Languages English, Arabic, Persian. In order to recite these duas with the Niyat Intention of “Mustahab Recommended ” a ruling from a Mafatih ul jinan in learned scholar is required. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This was at a time when only a few days remained in this month. The content of Mafatih al-jinan is classified in several chapters:.