General Information. Location: SEATTLE WA USA. ICAO/IATA: KSEA / SEA. Lat/ Long: N47° ‘, W° ‘. Elevation: ft. Airport Use. This SID requires the following climb gradients: Rwy 16L: ATC climb of . Trans level: FL Trans alt: ‘. KSEA/SEA. Apt Elev. ‘. SID. SEATTLE. KSEA/SEA IFR Plates for Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport – (Seattle, WA).

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If you enter you route, you have very simple access to enroute charts for your flights. From there you will fly another 7. I will begin by describing how to configure the flight management system for the part of the route that is the same regardless which direction KLAX is operating in.

Huge kssa to Tom for this thread.

I then, after the flight, realized it was likely a STAR. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Thu Dec 02, 4: Airport information and terminal procedure charts can be found by clicking on the airport names in your flightplan, or by searching for individual airport ICAO codes. You can post new topics in this forum You can reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

This limited FMC took pages to explain itself and that’s more than enough for me. Yes, a big thank you to Ray as well. By Trent Hopkinson – Fri Jun 16, 1: A bit further down, under the heading ” Route Analysis Itemized List “, there is additional detail about each flight.


That heading will take you to the west of the field allowing ATC to give you a nice turn to final. If this happens to you, you can find the same charts on the myairplane.

Try as I might I’ve yet to be able to get that working right. The Federal Aviation Administration website has all the charts you need to plan your flight.

Loving flying in this area at the moment! Owen Catherwood Posts: To find information about KSEA, there are several options. Press the EXEC button after making your change.


If you kesa VOR mode, I suggest you think through beforehand how you are going to set your radios up with active and standby frequencies. At this point you are done setting up the route. ATC may and probably will take you off of it before you fully complete it but go ahead and incorporate one into your flight planning. Rich Heimlich wrote: The usual reason for the throttles going out of sync is that you tried to type with the focus on the FS window instead of the SB window, and happened to hit the E key, which affects the engine.

Follow that link and look in the middle column, below the list of states where you should find a link to ” recently used IFR routes “.

George Marinakis Posts: Archived This topic is now ksra and is closed to further replies. What to take from all of this?


KSEA | Seattle ARTCC

By Owen Catherwood – Fri Jun 16, 3: With northerly winds from 20 degrees at 10 kts we should plan to use runway 34R for departure. Posted August 23, Rich Heimlich Posts: Earlier today I had some problems acessing the FAA website. Classified, Want, Swap Ads. If I have some time Monday or Tuesday I’ll take a look at your suggestions. I’m not real good yet with following radials so any input there would be appreciated I fly mainly the PSS Dash8, not the jets. On the page that opens, look under the ” Product ” heading.

Well done for persevering with it! Again, usually identified by Letters, then a single number. Should have remembered that one. By Rich Heimlich – Fri Jun 16, 5: To understand why this happens, look at the STAR diagram again: A word of caution: Here is a direct link to the current chart: That is a very good thing.

There is a saying that rings true in cases like this: Usually, a SID is at the beginning usually leters then a single number after it, and is right after the departure location. I could have declared a missed approach but really needed to head out so I took the attack approach.