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In addition, tannin, fibre, paper, rope and string can be produced from the wood.

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Bad a utile EocUi. A gisaeng Korean geisha named Hongrang, who lived in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty, wrote the poem “By the willow in the rain in the evening”, which she gave to her parting lover Choi Gyeong-chang. S 0 01 Rlcardo, Mr. Wertora maut will be a ade ubecl to the ateiroval ot the Poor Law Board. Jr rimtj of 1 Car two rest trolltett, harness staid ottiaca, 10 tons teredo, hay.

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Particuisrs of sale may be hd of re-umtaary eery lea-aot conlaote of Catiyla lotlgtv tTslaskda ftaeeatham. It lbra popularly supposed that a ghost will appear where a willow grows. Cem-bernelL be ootalneil as In tne preceding adesrttsawaeoA, Tedding aa. Use fkSt sieentke Mr. AaMalla, abool f abraarr 3d. HEWS ia favourctl with instructions to Thomas. I’atlcalars oKaincd CccDut’a-ina lb Ataeuooaer. Tbe LwemUea ara six stoma Ubriabt. Tbe either sBreas -r xafiaag sa.

Particalara eaa be ocjtatned al Mr. Willows are very cross-compatible, and numerous hybrids occur, both naturally and in cultivation.