Klipsch KSW Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Klipsch KSW Owner’s Manual & Warranty. Full text of “Klipsch KSW Series Powered Subwoofers Owner’s Manual” Power Cord Protection. Power cables should be routed so they are unlikely to be . View full Klipsch KSW 12 specs on CNET. Header. Brand. Klipsch. Product Line. Klipsch KSW. Model. Localization. English. Packaged Quantity. 1.

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If you have any questions regarding the installation or connection of your subwoofer, please contact your Klipsch dealer or contact us directly at Use this control to compensate for room acoustics, subwoofer placement, type of hookup and the capabilities of your main speakers. All operating klipsch ksw 12 manual safety instructions klipshc klipsch ksw 12 manual followed.

In these situations, the “LOW PASS” control should be set near the low frequency limit of your main speakers typically at the lowest setting of the control with larger, full-range speakers. If they run for extended periods beyond their designated power rating, the thermal sensor will engage and shut down the subwoofer. For example, a subwoofer reproducing front channel bass will generally perform better when placed in the same end of the room as the main speakers.

M ost speaker wire is color-coded or has some distinguishing feature differentiating the two conductors. The device should be serviced by a Klipsch authorized service center when: Each Klipsch product is individually tested for sonic quality and manuao for superior appearance before it leaves klipsch ksw 12 manual H ope, Arkansas factory.

Klipsch KSW 12 Subwoofers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

In the latter case, make a request for inspection from the transportation company and hold the product in its original shipping carton for the inspector. Avoid extremely long extension cords of small gauge since they may impair the performance of the subwoofer amplifier and present a potential fire hazard. How did you hear about Klipsch? Be sure that the connections from the amp to all of the speakers in your system klipsch ksw 12 manual connected in a like manner.


The type of connection configuration used depends upon the capabilities of your equipment and your performance goals. If the polarity of one of the subwoofer input wires is reversed, the output of the subwoofer klipsch ksw 12 manual be diminished.

This klipsch ksw 12 manual provide a significant 6dB increase in the subwoofer’s output level. The device should be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It does not matter which wire conductor is connected to the positive or negative connection of your equipment as long as you are consistent.

In some cases, you may elect to feed your main speakers a full range signal. For klilsch that have klipsch ksw 12 manual or amplifiers, the warranty on those parts is for a period of two 2 years from the date of purchase. The device should only be used on carts or stands recommended by the manufacturer. Klipsch ksw 12 manual changing the AC main’s power fuse, unplug the power cord first.

Corner placement improves the acoustic loading of the subwoofer, increasing its output and dynamic range capabilities. Power cables should be routed so they are unlikely to be stepped on or crushed by items placed on or against them. If damage is discovered, notify the authorized Klipsch dealer that the unit was purchased from or the trans- portation company responsible for safe delivery.

The device should never be used in, on or near water due to risk of fatal shock.

Klipsch KSW Manuals

The international symbol of a lightning bolt inside a triangle is intended to caution you to uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the device’s enclosure. Since even minor manaul will result in an audible performance change due to klipsch ksw 12 manual acoustics, Klipsch recommends experimentation with the subwoofer placement in the room. If dealer service is not available, contact Klipsch customer service for a return authorization RA number before shipping.


Manuao level connections are used when connecting to a receiver or klipsch ksw 12 manual amplifier that lacks line level subwoofer or pre-amp output jacks.

Klipsch KSW-12 Subwoofers

To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not expose this equipment to rain or moisture. The device should only be connected to a power supply of the type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the device.

Thank you for choosing Klipsch loudspeakers. Audition a recording with a prominent, repetitive bass line in your listening chair. You may need to repeat this procedure if the subwoofer is repositioned.

If your subwoofer will be used on a hard, non-carpeted surface, attach the enclosed rubber pads to the subwoofer’s feet to prevent vibration mwnual marring. This type of hookup cre- ates a bi-ampl ified system, lowering distortion and increasing dynamic range.

For optimal kklipsch, use equal lengths left and right inputs kllpsch the same high quality speaker cable that you are using to connect your main speakers. In the “AUTO” position, the subwoofer will turn itself on when it receives klipsch ksw 12 manual signal from your system. You will need to ship this product in either its original packaging or packaging affording an klipsch ksw 12 manual degree of protection. This information helps us serve you better and assists our dealers in meeting your needs as a valued Klipsch customer.