PDF | Seminar Presentation. Analysis of the views of Pakistan and India on Kishanganga Dam based on Indus Waters Treaty. The construction and official inauguration of Kishanganga dam is a violation of Indus Pakistan cries foul over India’s bid to inaugurate Kishenganga dam. Background. India began construction of the US$ million Kishanganga hydroelectric project (KHEP) in The Kishanganga, as the river.

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Pakistan has been favoured by India who signed ,ishanganga indus water treaty as a goodwill gesture. Dawood Kashmir never belonged to Pak and never will.

No unprovoked attack from across border shall go unanswered: He said Islamabad has been effectively raising the issue of India’s Kishanganga project to resolve it through a dispute resolution mechanism provided by the pact. All said and done. Charges against me a product of malicious, vindictive campaign: The international court, however, decided that India shall release a minimum flow of nine cubic metres per second into the Kishanganga river known as Neelam in Pakistan at all times to maintain environmental flows.

Retrieved 30 October People of Indian occupied Kashmir welcomed this project as it provide abundant power to them. Swetha nice reply I totally agree with you. What steps did Pakistan take to stop India from building the Kishanganga dam? India has control over any and all rivers that flows through India.

So never dare that for your own good. The dam is equipped with lower level orifice spillway to transfer flood water as well as the silt to the down stream for not to affect power generation reliability and the operating life.


Enough I would say. As the Kishanganga flows, the LoC is only about 10 km from daam dam, and habitation begins almost immediately. Officials say that these portions of the dam are inaccessible, and would be difficult if not outright impossible to target. India should throw this treaty out. You have to mortgage your ports,airports and every public property to pay them back like Srilanka, Kazakhstan.

Retrieved 2 November An Army camp deployed on the LoC is nearby, providing an added layer of overall defence for the dam. All Comments Your Activity. What newest twist in Indus Treaty tale means”.

Kishangabga sanctioned cost of project was Rs adm Pakistani nationals should welcome it. India is not the country to abide by any ethics or treaties, it’s only the force. Both countries are worse kishwnganga East African countries.

Retrieved 16 September Of the 27 villages in Gurez, only six are located downstream along the banks of the Kishanganga, and all have been shifted uphill due to the dam.

In Kishanganga dam security, more than Pakistan shelling, sabotage a concern

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. India has no integrity or honourable character. Retrieved 18 November ONE has to look harder and harder to discern the economic message and direction of the government. Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is even more reason to reform jail system.

The political party landscape remains kishangqnga with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures. Please educate yourself before giving comment in this forum. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant

Have some courage and the world would come to your side! Retrieved 13 March Retrieved 15 April THE dispute revolves around a hydroelectric power plant on the Kishanganga River, which is a tributary of the Jhelum and is klshanganga as the Neelum in Pakistan.


Pakistan argues that the Kishanganga project violates both conditions by changing the course of the river and depleting the water level. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant – Wikipedia

Remember Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. India is not a pushover and India has already showed this in Doklam. Construction on the project began in and was expected to be complete in The people who live in the villages near the dam site are also thought of as another layer of security.

To do so, it will transfer the water from the Gurez Valley back into mainland Kashmir, instead of allowing ,ishanganga to flow into Pakistan. Downstream of the Kishanganga dam, the river is taking U-turn to enter in to the Pakistan territory. BOTH decision and timing are scarcely believable and will surely give more ammunition to those quarters denouncing Obviously we need water for our agro economy we must do now. Pakistan should build a dam to divert the water going to Indian side before re-entering into Pakistan.

Chabbar port built sub standardly by India borrowimh money, will be taken over by China for free.