Le rogamos que copie e imprima aquí el manual operativo correspondiente en su idioma. Francais Copiez et imprimez ici la notice d’utilisation dans la langue. SERVICE MANUALScrew Compressor Model: SX 6 classic No.: 9__00USE Contents. KAESER SX6 COMPRESSOR MANUAL SMVLPIMPCZ | PDF | | 24 Aug, TABLE OF KAESER SX6 COMPRESSOR MANUAL.

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KAESER SX6 Service Manual – Refrigeration Mechanics

Set the idle period so that the motor starting frequency is no more than 15 per hour. Check pressure differential across cartridge.

The following parts have to be considered for making the change: If cooling air outlet duct manuual used it may be too narrow or too long. Before initial start up The control transformer in the control cabinet has connections for various supply voltages.

Drain oil to correct level. Before opening the machine, switch off at the main disconnect and lock out to secure against unwanted or accidental switching on. Compressed air can cause serious manhal Hazards from compressive forces Compressed air is a contained force. This pressure can be generated by the machine itself.

In the absence of any user specified alternatives, the limits given in these standards must be adhered to. Close shut off valves or otherwise isolate the machine from the air main to ensure that no compressed air can flow back into the machine. Topping up the cooling oil. Check that the correct connections are made for the supply voltage provided for the machine. Turn the oil filter clockwise to tighten.


Drive motor overload protection relay located in the control cabinet. To decrease the pressure differential between cut in and cut out: Warm water and household detergent Spare parts as required Pre condition: A small volume of air circulates through the bleed hole in the inlet valve, through the airend and back to the inlet valve via the venting valve.

The nameplate is found inside the machine. If the inlet aperture is insufficient a dangerous vacuum can be created in the compressor room. Plant system air, demand exceeds capacity of compressor Reduce system demand or install additional compressor s.

Moisture can lead to corrosion, particularly on the surfaces of the airend and oil separator tank.

KAESER SX6 Service Manual

Please transfer data from the nameplate. There is considerable danger of injury or death if spring loaded components are incorrectly opened dismantled.

Jumpers in the drive motor terminal box. After a few minutes of operation, stop the machine and check for leaks. Lubrication of an air compressor is essential to reliable operation. Loosen the locking nut 2.


Pour oil into the inlet valve and replace the screw plug. Close the shut off valve provided by the user to isolate the machine from the compressed air system. On water cooled units the heat exchanger elements may be clogged. Kaeeser shut off valves or otherwise isolate the machine from the compressed air system to ensure that no compressed air can flow back into the machine.

KAESER SX6 Service Manual |

kaesrr Check pressure differential and replace oil separator cartridge if necessary. Do not use untreated compressed for any application that will bring it into direct contact with foodstuffs. Nevertheless, risk of injury and death for the user and other parties and damage to the machine and other property can arise from its use.

A malfunction detected by the control functions 1, 2, 3 and 4 will shut down the compressor unit immediately, accompanied by an appropriate malfunction light.

Remove the male hose fitting from the hose coupling. Turn the adjusting screw 2 clockwise with a screwdriver.