Go: A Novel [John Clellon Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Generally acknowledged to be the first Beat novel, go was originally. Go by John Clellon Holmes – book cover, description, publication history. Go, by John Clellon Holmes, is the first novel published by a member of the so- called Beat Generation of the s in the United States. The years immediately .

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Book ratings by Goodreads. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I think one of my favourite scenes was when the fag and the junkie sat around and talked about their different opinions on society’s rejections of them. Though not as lyrical or experimental as many of the other beat writers I’ve read, this book finds its own impressive voice in its commentary on the times.

Jul 24, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other books in this series. And anyone who enjoys the Beat Generation has only a partial view into the beats without this early, infantile look to those that formed it.

Amazingly, Cassady comes off nearly the same person as Ker Excellent! It never occurred to me that those people, who frequented bars like that, were the Beat Generation, and yet they were.

An underworld of drug-fueled parties, bars, clubs and free love is explored through the eyes of character Paul Hobbes, Holmes’ representation of himself in the novel. John Clellon Holmes Publisher: A- The first novel of the Beat Generation. Several characters are involved heavily in narcotics use, others are alcoholics, and still others are petty criminals. Holmes is much more of a realist than Kerouac and certainly Neal Cassady and doesn’t hesitate to show the dark side of the Beat lifestyle–as when several characters get bored and sick of the antics of Cassady here Hart Kennedy and Jack Kerouac here Gene Pasternak at a bop jazz show.

Book review: Go, by John Clellon Holmes | Khanya

It is really well written, but maybe doesn’t have that wild, almost frenetic feel that the more well known writers from this group achieved later on. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In I used to go for lunch at the Grosvenor Hotel in Soldiers Way across the road from Durban station and sip hlmes solitary beer and eat my 15c curry for lunch, and hear them talking about Smiler Small, who used to frequent the bar in Malvern, and Clwllon used to look at all g World War II memorabilia decorating the bar.


No trivia or quizzes yet. But that cinematic ending forgives all – and leaves the reader wondering where Home truly is. The end does fall apart – as though the author is trying to cram all the poetry he can into the last few scenes.

Hol,es that I haven’t heard more people talk about it. Highly recommended for all Beat afficionados. Although the events in this book actually take place after Kerouac’s first novel, the publishing of the book is chronicled here, so it feels like a good place in that chronology to read it.

Go (Holmes novel) – Wikipedia

New Amer Library Availability: It was only 20 years beforeyet is now forty years ago. Although possibly too conventional for some fans, Holmes’ clellpn of the inner circle of beat writers make this a must-read for anyone interested in the movement.

In lucid fictional prose designed to capture the events, emptions and essence of his experience, Holmes describes an individualistic post-World II New York where crime is celebrated, writing is revered, and parties, booze, discussions, drugs and sex punctuate life.

But then I remember that I too was like that, even when longing to be like that and thinking it must be different somehow, and somehow more exciting. We too experienced that restless rushing around in the, rushing to Meadowlands to see Cyprian Moloi, or to Springs to see Noel Lebenya, travelling many miles to see if a friend was home, and finding that they were out, jlhn many more liles to see another.

John Clellon Holmes Book Covers

clelloh Doctor Sax Jack Jphn. Go analyzes the brief pop culture phenomenon of beatniks in urban New York, diving into their history but also the philosophy and voices behind it. Which is fine, it’s a social scene that is being documented here, not a tale. Hobbes, Holmes alter ego, can be a dull character; interspersed with the action is too much of philosoph A more conventional novel than On the Road. Towards the end we get to see the events that caused Ginsberg to get arrested, and soon after there is some pretty good comedy involving a sort of cleaning up of a crime scene, essentially.


Go : La Primera Novela de La Generacion Beat

Apr 20, Scott A. Holmes came to the conclusion that the values and ambitions of the Beat Generation were symbolic of something bigger, which was the inspiration for Go. I don’t know if it was a reflection of the author, or society, that made it ok to talk about all the drinking, drug taking and sex but yet homosexuality was still so taboo.

Escritos Breves Clellob Joyce.

Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between andand first published innearly sixty years ago. Very glad I read this, and it will highly likely make my top ten for It’s definitely a powerful piece of classic literature.

I thought about it for a while, and looked at the other answers that had been given. But rereading it fifty years later, I see it in a very different perspective.

Hoomes two months before Jack Kerouac began On The Road, Go is the first and most accurate chronicle of the private lives lived by the Beats before they became public figures. It involves the same group of bohemians Kerouac hung with in their early stages.

They certainly acted like one. It was only 20 years beforeyet is now forty years ago. The novel has an intimate feeling, taking place entirely in the New York homes, bars, and coffee houses houses frequented by jonn based on himself, Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and other beat figures. You also get a better perspective on the lives of the women who hung out with the Beats, and all the horrors they put up with. Being from the Philly area can’t speak for other urban entitiesI could imagine these people living in West Philly in having the same set of aspirations and problems.

I could not imagine them as part of the same world as the suits and hats and nylon stockings.