Find the most up-to-date version of JSA – JIS K at Engineering 31 Oct g or less and particle diameter of 80 µm or less on the basis of dispersion degree evaluation with a grind gauge according to JIS K; or. The procedure was done according to JIS K (). Pencil Hardness: A pencil scratch test was done according to JIS (Japan Industrial Standard).

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The oil length, of the alkyd resin, i.

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Moreover, the pH of the slurry was adjusted to 7 with jis k 5400 aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, followed by aging for 10 minutes, to deposit a hydrate of titania 54000 the zirconia hydrate layer. On this titania hydrate, a hydrate of alumina was deposited by the same procedure as in Preparation Example 1, and afterward the same procedure as in Preparation Example 1 was jis k 5400 conducted to obtain a titanium white b in which the titanium oxide particles were coated jis k 5400 zirconia, titania and alumina.

Furthermore, the present invention is also directed to a coated metal plate comprising a cured coating film of the above coating composition that is formed on a metal plate that may optionally be formed using a primer coating film. Product His nl Datasheet pdf Handleiding pdf.

On the other hand, if the amount of the polyester resin A is more than about 95 parts by weight if the amount of the melamine resin curing agent B is less than about 5 parts by weightthe obtained cured coating film may be jis k 5400 in the pollution, resistance and blocking resistance. The amounts of polyester resins and melamine resins in Table 1 were based on solid weight, and the amounts of curing catalysts were represented by weight in terms of the amounts of sulfonic acid compounds.

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On the other hand, if it is more than about 10 parts by weight, the hardness may be poor and the coating film hardness jis k 5400 also low. The considerable deterioration of the gloss or the slight blister was observed. From the standpoint of optimizing handling and coating properties, an organic solvent kis optionally be added. Calibration Possibility Declaration of conformity Calibration Certificate.


A coating kk according to claim 17, wherein jis k 5400 methylol melamine resin is an addition product of melamine and an aldehyde. The methyl etherified melamine resin can be used alone or in mixtures of two or more resins.

Examples of suitable the zinc or zinc alloy plated steel plates include hot jis k 5400 galvanized steel plates, 54000 galvanized steel plates, iron-zinc alloy plated steel plates, nickel-zinc alloy plated steel plates l aluminum-zinc alloy plated steel plates e. The melamine resin curing agent B in the composition of the present invention may be a mixture of the methyl etherified melamine resin the former and the butyl etherified melamine resin the latter.

A polyester resin comprising component A in the coating composition of the present invention is generally a polyester resin having one or more hydroxyl groups. Secondary amines are jis k 5400 preferable. A coated metal plate according to claim 23, wherein the coating composition is formed on a metal plate using a primer.

The amount of the curing catalyst C is jis k 5400 in the range of 0. If necessary, any monobasic acids such as benzoic acid, crotonic acid and p-t-butylbenzoic acid, and polybasic acids having 3 or more valences such as trimellitic anhydride, methylcyclohexenetricarboxylic acid and pyromellitic anhydride can be used together.

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Afterward, aging was carried out for 10 minutes to deposit a hydrate of zirconia on the surfaces of the titanium oxide particles. In this test, pencils in a range of 6B to 8H hardness-grade are used. Topcoating compositions were obtained in accordance jis k 5400 composition blends shown in Table 1 given below. The amount of titania to be coated is preferably by weight or less, most preferably 1. After stirring, a basic solution such as an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution may then be added to raise the pH jsi about 4.

The coarse particles jis k 5400 diameters of about 0.

At this time, a degree o the peeled squares was observed to evaluate on the basis of the following standards. Coating composition and coated metal plate having coating film formed therefrom.

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On the coating surface, defects such as blister and gloss jis k 5400 were not observed. On the coating film of the coated plate, a pencil scratch test was made in jis k 5400 with JIS K 8.

Pencil Hardness Test acc. Wolff Wilborn

In accordance with these and other objectives, there is provided a coating composition comprising:. After water was sufficiently removed, the dried cake was dissociated by means of a fluid energy mill to obtain a titanium white a in which the titanium oxide particles were coated with zirconia and alumina.

There is no standard applicable however the film industry and jis k 5400 LCD industry have their own standard regulation to inspect with the load of g based on the jis k 5400 of JIS-K The above oil-free polyester resins generally comprise an esterified compound of a polybasic acid component and a polyhydric alcohol component.

Among the polyester resins mentioned above, the oil-free polyester resins are particularly suitable. With regard to the polyester resin Aif the jis k 5400 average molecular weight is less than about 1, the processing properties may be poor. Most preferably zinc or zinc alloy plated steel plates can be used.

The curing catalyst C is preferably a sulfonic acid compound or a neutralized sulfonic acid compound.

The titanium oxide particles are typically coated with zirconia, alumina and if necessary, titania. Next, i formed titanium oxide material may be subjected to dry grinding, for example, by jis k 5400 hammer mill or a Raymond mill, or to wet grinding, for ji, by a ball mill or a sand mill, to finely grind the material.

A coating composition according to claim 10, wherein said titanium white comprises round rutile titanium jis k 5400 particles having a particle diameter of at least 0.

As the organic solvent, a solvent may optionally be used that can dissolve the above components ABC and D. Buchholz Hardness Indentation Test Shop.