JEPPESEN NAVIGATION LOG. Aircraft. Number: Dep: Dest: Date: Clearance: Ident. FUEL. Dist. GS. Time Off. Check Points. (Fixes). Froq. Course | AllBudo| Mag. Learn about FliteStar – Jeppesen’s advanced electronic IFR / VFR general aviation flight planner software. Now available with live aviation weather maps!. Jeppesen Sanderson Inc. 55 Inverness Drive East Englewood CO All Rights Reserved IFR NAVIGATION LOG.

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This is the compass heading you will fly for a specific leg of your flight in your specific airplane.

IFR / VFR Flight Planner with “Live” Aviation Weather Maps | Jeppesen General Aviation

Lower Most Efficient Altitude: This is your minimum safe altitude that will ensure obstacle clearance, give you a few miles of glide range if the airplane experience engine failure, and will help you see checkpoints and your destination airport. Recall that westerly variations are added to the true course to convert to magnetic course, and easterly variations are subtracted lg the true course to convert to magnetic course. Measure Distances and True Course Using your navigation plotter, determine the true course along your course line, and measure the distances between checkpoints.

They will also serve as triggers for making radio announcements at a uncontrolled field, navigatiln establishing contact with the tower at a tower controlled field. This is a minimum altitude, not the optimum altitude. However in most cases it still provides highly accurate time and fuel burn results. Review our technical support and documentation page Visit the Aircraft Model Exchange page To learn more about jeppesrn new FliteStar version 9.


Aviation Weather Maps Get the latest free aviation weather maps. After you have flown this flight, think about how the experience of preparing the navigation log aided situational awareness in flight. The correction applied to a course to correct navigatin wind drift. If too many gaps exist in the data, the Advanced model could be less accurate than the Basic model. Obstacle Clearance — Compare the field elevation of your departure airport, destination airport and all terrain and obstructions 10 miles each side of your planned course to determine the height of the tallest obstruction.

Many aviation publishers sell printed copies, there are electronic versions available on the internet, and online and tablet-based flight planners can automatically generate navigation logs. Created to simplify and automate the entire flight preparation process, FliteStar gives you more time to do what you really like to do — FLY!

Var Magnetic Variation The number of degrees left or right used to correct a true course to a magnetic course. Also, you may want to make changes to what information you include in the navigation log, or use a different navigation log format.

A navigation log is a tool that you use to guide your preflight planning, and a plan that you execute in flight.

Fuel burn rate is 8. Add ft to this altitude. This means we should use the Standard Temperature column in the cruise performance chart. Determine if specific altitudes have a favorable headwind or unfavorable tailwind.


FliteStar Computer-Based Flight Planning

Print a copy of this planner out now and follow along using the tutorial. MC Icr Course The angle between your course and magnetic north.

Using your navigation plotter, determine the true course along your course line, and measure the distances between checkpoints. Also, this examination is the first step in developing situational awareness about your flight. Winds Aloft — Compare the true course for your flight with the winds aloft. Click the button below to get started today!

IFR Navigation Log

Are there airports along your route of flight that are suitable for diversion? The fuel requirement is 1.

We now have a plan to initiate our descent for Nuttree airport 3 minutes after crossing our Sacramento Executive airport checkpoint.

For Business and Corporate pilotsplease review the FliteStar solution designed specifically with you in mind here. Request a Free Catalog. Compare features in the table below to see which version contains the features you need.

We can also determine our TAS and fuel burn rate.