Ikusi Flow adapts to your present Connected headend: Ikusi Flow wifi and LAN access. devices on the IPTV network in a centralised way, allowing. With Ikusi Flow you can control the status of the headend from your computer . Ikusi FLOW backpanel to external IPTV networks, or to other modules for further. Designed and manufactured by Messrs Ikusi of Spain. Sold and .. The IP streams can be viewed using an IPTV set-top box or a software video player.

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Local and remote access. We also offer honest advice without any hard sell. Own wifi LAN interface for local and remote access.

Range of products for television

Easy to assemble onto the wall mounting base plates, without the need of any tools. Additionally complete stand-alone professional IPTV solutions are offered to customers who do not have an in-room system and our services include the supply, installation and maintenance of the latest digital TV equipment. With superb digital picture and sound quality and complemented by the new generation of LCD and LED displays, your guests can enjoy a true digital experience.

Handles all internal parameters of the header. ClassA is a complete range of functional modules for processing of analoguesatellite, cable and baseband signals. Configuration guided by an assistant. La entrega lptv producto en 24 horas y de It also performs centralized management and configuration of the entire Ikusi FLOW headend and exposes the web interface for configuration and control through dedicated Wi-Fi and wired ethernet connections.

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Advanced TV Solutions for Hospitality Ikusi is a pioneer in the development of solutions for the digital processing of video and television iptvv. It is also able to detect existing RF channels in a network to avoid using them in the headend out. The list of available services can be allocated to groups or individual Televisions and channels can be remotely changed.

Amplification, Conversion and Modulation modules, dimensions: It routes the ethernet traffic in the headend, both internally between modules, and between the modules ikuzi the outside world.

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All modules have identical format and simply to place on a wall-fiing baseplate or n a 6RU rack-frame. For a price on the new Ikusi Flow headend, please contact Sciteq Pty Ltd with your requirements, and we can provide a customised quote.

Ikusi offers the most innovative product in the in-room entertainment sector. It also includes optical transmitters and receivers. Welcome to Celindo Solution. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. To enable guests to really relax in their rooms and to enjoy a true home from home experience, Navicom offers you access to thousands of high quality digital TV and Radio channels from around the world. Muy buen receptor para iniciarse con Linux.

Compatible with DiSEqC 1. A pesar de ser barato cumple con creces su cometido. Programmable control unit Johansson We work with the largest Pay TV operators and hospitality integrators, and we are associated with the main technological leaders of the TV value chain. For customers who have selected either Sensiq, our guest communications portal or Genesis, our proven internet and entertainment solution, IPTV can be seamlessly integrated into both, thus increasing the range of content available for your guests and enhancing their overall entertainment experience.

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Johansson Programmable terrestrial filter amplifier Guided configuration through an assistant. It controls all the internal parameters of the headend. Please including what channels you would like to distribute and what formats you would like to output. All connection and control ports are located on the front panel. Our technicians have many years of experience in the satellite tvro industry. We can also support many of our system customers with the option to provide digital television channels to their guests without any significant upgrading and reinvesting in new digital TVs in hotel bedrooms.

All services of the chosen frequency will be transferred to the TDX Pool.

The state of the Television can be viewed remotely as well as seeing what channel is playing. It allows the contents available to be controlled on each of the televisions. Support to reservation modules. Network control and configuration with a large number of channels without the need to re-tune the TVs. Johansson Profiler Programmable terrestrial filter These platforms can process different formats of video and audio to provide a high definition output channel, offer premium content, IPTV,and guaranteeing security of content.

Ikusi IPTV Products – Teletechnique

Call us up and the staff that answers the phone can answer your question! ONE Programmable multichannel amplifier.

Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The new Ikusi Flow headend features: