This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is a. ANSWER: The Coyote Graphics System (CGS) is a collection of Coyote Library. QUESTION: How do I download and install the Coyote Library.

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There are many ways to add these directories to your pathbut something like this, typed at the IDL command line, or executed in an IDL start-up file, always works:. If you are looking for ideas for your own graphics output, visit the Coyote Plot Gallery for examples and IDL code for over 50 different plots you can create with Coyote Graphics routines. You can download a zip file containing all of them.

Downloading and Installing the Libraries Coyote Library Many of the Coyote Library programs require others in the library to work properly. This command allows the user to select a certain number of random indices out of a selection vector. Commands can be added, deleted, replaced, and listed.

For that matter, how do I install any third-party IDL library? Gamma as well as linear scaling. So, if you were using this command to add multiple libraries, the commands would be listed in the reverse order in which they iidl going to be found.

Coyote Graphics Plot Gallery

This command allows you obtain information about all the cgWindow applications currently on the display. The purpose of this utility routine is to allow the user to obtain the base file name, doyote directory name, and the file extension in a single call.


A button is available that can “adjust” the Y range of the zoomed-in plot to completely show the values indicated by the X range of the zoomed-in plot. Formats, in addition to the normal months, include all capital letters, three-letter abbreviations, and single letters. Couldn’t live without it.

Call the program after all the widgets have been created, but before the widgets are realized. The colors available are cogote ones defined for the cgPickColorName program: Error bars can be added to bar plots with the cgPlot command. Note also that directories are separated by colons in a UNIX environment. This routine is used to create a legend in a graphics display.

The character size depends on the operating system you are using, the current font value, and the state of the! For example, if you are overploting several lines in a plot, and you wish to each to have a different color, you might do this: According to the IPCC: These are programs from the Coyote Library that are specifically identified as being associated with the Coyote Graphics System. This command allows you draw a filled or unfilled polygon on the display.

Here is code that produces a “normal” contour plot with 10 equally-spaced contour intervals. On-line documentation for the program is available. If using indexed color, and the long integer is in the rangethe long integer is interpreted as a color table index number.


This program implements a Taylor Diagram from user data. For example, I just spent one and a half hours trying to get Matthew’s basic contour plot to display correctly on my machine and the contour labels cohote still upside down. If this keyword is 0, the program always returns a color index number.

IDL Library Installation

There are many ways to add the coyote directory to your pathbut something like this, typed at the IDL command line, or executed in an IDL start-up file, always works:. A dot chart or dot plot is a statistical chart consisting of data points plotted on a simple scale, typically with open or closed circles.

Here is what one user had to say about the Coyote Library. It can be used to automatically create color raster file output in any of five different raster file formats. The Window command is protected automatically.

Check the on-line documenation for the latest updates and routines.