CA is a BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET. The term BiMOS implies Alternatives Comparator Op-Amp IC. LM,LM CA Datasheet. CA Printer Friendly Version. 15MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/CMOS Output. Datasheet &. Related Docs. Description. Key. CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, General Electric Solid State, BiMOS Operational Amplifiers.

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Otherwise, their operation is completely independent. It is a pin dual in line package DIPshown in figure below:. Here the pin3 is inverting ic ca3130 datasheet and pin2 Non inverting input.

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It has both PMOS transistors and high voltage bipolar transistors inside. The ic ca3130 datasheet operational amplifiers have a common bias network and power datasueet leads. And when the resistance falls making available a voltage to the non-inverting input higher than inverting input, so that the output of comparator is logic high.

So unlike other OpAmps, LM sinks current and output turns low when triggered. Potential dividers of LM are connected to the inverting and non-inverting inputs of the ic ca3130 datasheet to give some voltage at these terminals.

In this comparator mode, the ic ca3130 datasheet of IC1 goes high when its pin 3 gets a higher voltage than pin 2. The LM op-amps are used in transducer amplifiers, dc gain blocks and all the conventional op-amp circuits which now can be more easily implemented in single power supply systems.


Vcc is usually in the range from 12 to 15 volts. They can be phase compensated with a single external capacitor, and have terminals for adjustment of offset voltage for vatasheet requiring offset-null capability.

The IC shows very high slew rate, low input bias. This indicates that datasueet circuitry inside the IC is working. The difference between the two is small but significant. Its output will be in ic ca3130 datasheet zero state in the off mode. This sinks current and the load turns on.

CA Datasheet pdf – BiMOS Operational Amplifiers – General Electric Solid State

They have some dissimilar advantages over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. It has two outputs. Normally the output transistor is in the off state and its dataseet will be pulled to Vcc.

Thank you for your request. This makes it ideal for voltage followers and other switching related applications.

Skip to main content. Your request will be reviewed by the Product Line Marketing manager for this part and upon their approval the document will be ic ca3130 datasheet to you. It is a pin dual ic ca3130 datasheet package, contains four internally compensated and two stage operational amplifiers, shown in figure.


It also has terminals to adjust the offset voltage and strobing. The op-amp is a voltage amplifier, it inverts the input voltage at the output, datashee be found almost everywhere in electronic circuits.

The characteristics of the op-amp are no latch-up when input common mode range is exceeded, freedom from oscillations. The is a general purpose dual operational amplifier containing two op-amps. It is excellent Op Amp that requires very low input current requirements. It is ic ca3130 datasheet 4.

CA3130 MOSFET Op-Amp

ic ca3130 datasheet They provide superior performance in integrator, summing amplifier and general feedback applications. LM is a quad op amp integrated circuit with high stability, bandwidth which was designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages.

In inverting amplifier, ic ca3130 datasheet positive voltage ic ca3130 datasheet applied to pin2 of the op-amp; we get output as negative voltage through pin 6.

It is an easy to make tool dataxheet is essential in the work bench of a hobbyist or technician. Learn how the ISL instrumentation amplifier is capable of being configured in high side shunt current sense amplifier.