The latest Tweets from Hokky Situngkir (@quicchote). aktivis ilmu-ilmu kompleksitas sosial ꦲꦺꦴꦏ꧀ꦏ – ᮠᮧᮊ᮪ᮊᮤ – ᨖᨚᨀᨗ – 호키 – حوككي. indonesian. Maulana, Ardian and Situngkir, Hokky, Dynamics of the Corruption Eradication in Indonesia (September 12, ). Bandung Fe Institute (BFI) Working Paper. Spread of Hoax in Social Media. BFI Working Paper No. WP 7 Pages Posted: 14 May See all articles by Hokky Situngkir.

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Hokky wrote many articles, which were used as a reference for student movements at his campus. In a country of repressed cultural diversity and competing ideologies, Hokky applies the objectivity of science to build a shared national cultural narrative and make its value accessible to all.

Hokky Situngkir

His idols were Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, from whom he learned the values of dedication and perseverance as a scientist. Hokky invites all Indonesians to participate in and benefit from what previously was the realm only of anthropologists, historians, and other cultural experts and guardians. These are the fields, ordered by number of announcements, along with their dates.

Statistical Mechanics and its ApplicationsElsevier, vol.

His role model was his grandfather, for his love for the nation and art. Fraktal Batik is the way to explore Indonesian traditional batik through its unique fractal geometry. Indonesians are bound together politically as a modern nation whose constitution establishes a diverse, secular society.

Where traditional designs are collected and made available online in a reliable process, it becomes far more difficult for outsiders to claim traditional Indonesian designs as their own. In a country of repressed cultural diversity and competing ideologies, Hokky applies the objectivity of science to build a shared national cultural narrative and make its value accessible to all. For example, in recent years, a neighboring country claimed to have originated the Balinese dance, as part of a campaign aimed at capturing more tourist interest.

RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers. Hokky then makes this database available online to the Indonesian public and the world. Hokky has developed analytical and computational tools in the forms of social complexity software. Hokky Situngkir, pendekar batik dari Surya University. Inspired by his grandfather, Hokky loved reading and writing; having begun at just four-years-old.



There is a potential idea and participation pool in all that diversity. Furthermore, when the controversy arose over the origins of Balinese dance, Indonesia appealed to UNESCO, which resolved the dispute by affirming that Balinese dance originated in Bali.

Applications to business data ,” Information Systems FrontiersSpringer, vol. In the case of batik, thousands of designs from across Indonesia have been collected and analyzed. Sarijadi Blok 5 No. Evolutionary Economics 6 To Hokky, successful policy design depends on the ability of the government to understand and predict the complex behaviors of such systems in order to design more effective governmental programs, zitungkir, treaties, and infrastructures.

Third, it has the potential to advance economic opportunity by opening up new landscapes of creativity in the use of traditional designs to market a diversity of products. Retrieved 25 September Through mass media outreach and presence on a national TV program, Hokky targets students from high school age through college and trains and challenges them to photograph, document, and upload certain cultural artifacts from practitioners, including their grandparents and neighbors, into the open library.

Similarly, a small Balinese jewelry maker was arrested for copyright infringement over a ring of his own design that had been hokku by a buyer in a European country.

Hokky Situngkir – Wikipedia

He is the founder of the Bandung Fe Institute, a research institute for social complexity research. The Totem Batik celebrates the eco-cultural narratives from the old times, by putting the living story of Indonesian cultural heritage as reflected in Batik, into the engraved ecological medium of teak woods drying over the years. It gives the situngkit to present the traditional culture as a modern experience of contemporary art. By using this site, you agree eitungkir the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

To date, there are more than contributors from across the country who have contributed more than 15, data entries, more than 10, edits and more than a million web visits. Hoky academic activities include research regarding the aspects of fractal geometry in Indonesian Batik[3] mathematical aspects of Indonesian traditional folk songs and in the architecture of Borobudur[4] [5] [6] as well as Indonesian stock market analysis with econophysics alongside Indonesian senior physicist Yohanes Surya.


Computational Economics 14 Hokky further learned social issues and deepened them with scientific perspective. Through the Internet he independently explored complexity theory and its application to address social issues using physics theory. Views Read Edit View history.

This description of Hokky Situngkir’s work was prepared when Hokky Situngkir was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in As a result, information about the family, history, and distribution of Indonesian batik, now has been produced and made available to the public online. Once people upload the data, the art curators, anthropologists, and scientists will do categorization and editing and the laymen provide comments.

For preservation purposes, these rich histories, if documented at all, have been kept in museums. This author has had 27 papers announced in NEP. Hokky therefore set up a new division of the Tiang Bendera Humanity Social Institute at the Student Union where humanity was the common platform for students of different ideologies to act together. He also partners with corporations to channel their corporate social responsibility funds to the campaign efforts and invites portal owners to invite participation.

Hokky Situngkir – Scientist. PBI is the host organization for the budaya-indonesia. The increasing access to computation and information technology has opened new opportunities to create those tools. Fraktal Batik Fraktal Batik is the way to explore Indonesian traditional batik through its unique fractal geometry.