Eight yidams and their corresponding sadhanas received by Padmakara The eight Heruka Sadhanas are part of the meditative realization. Deity Chakrasamvara Abbreviated Sadhana in the Luipa Tradition. 2. Colophon Within a state of voidness, instantaneously I arise as a blue Heruka, with. Heruka (Sanskrit; Wylie: khrag ‘thung), is the name of a category of wrathful deities, enlightened They appear as Iṣṭha-devatā (Wylie: yi dam) or meditational deities for tantric sādhanā, usually placed in a mandala and often appearing in.

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In Bentong Malaysiathe town we live in and where Kechara Forest Retreat is, we have built a public chapel The four motherly partners and Vajra-varahi, these five Slightly tip the skullcups in their sadhanz hands. Yangdak ThukWylie: A host of each kind of offering goddess or knowledge lady emanates out, one host at a time, and, after making their offering, dissolves back in the syllable HUM at your heart. No matter if my life is threatened, or I am disliked or segregated for following his instructions, I will never abandon any of his teachings.

At each of my two ears for the stimulators of my hearing A black HUM transforms into black Dvesha-vajra, With his right hand holding a vajra at his heart And his left haughtily resting a bell on his hip.

Heruka – Wikipedia

Resounding with the breath going out my sdhana nostril, they emanate forth, Whereby they transform all wandering beings into the deity groups of the three wheels. However, the prince did not desire the throne. The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives was established by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government to preserve all the ancient texts — sachana secular and spiritual — of Tibet and in the process, translate them into various languages like English.

I will follow, meditate, trust and believe in my guru always. Within the Gelug tradition, Lama Tsongkhapa who was a great tantric adept recommended Heruka along with the Yamantaka and Guhyasamaja Tantras.


My Oser girl and Dharma boy in their cosy little bedroom next to me sleeping away. The vajra is the method and the bell is discriminating awareness. Because she realizes the equality in voidness of all wandering beings, She possesses the brilliance of sunlight Through having an appearance of totally pure deep awareness That is like the fires at the time of the eons of destruction. Entering our bodies through the crowns of our heads, The overflow liquid remaining on the very tops of our heads Transform and crowns the Principal Deity with an Akshobhya, Vajra-varahi with a Vairochana, The four motherly partnersDakini and so on, with Ratnasambhavas, The deities of the mind wheel, with Akshobhyas, The deities of the speech wheel, with Amitabhas, The deities of the body wheel, with Vairochanas, And the deities of the wheel of those with close bond, with Amoghsiddhas.

Before the fires on the mountains are siddhas who have attained actualizations, Holders of pure awareness, and yogis and yoginis acting in accord with the close-bonding practices. My state of having turned away from all distorted views — my changing expressions, My state of having vanquished the four demonic mara forces — my bared fangs, The stable realization of my good qualities having expanded to have become increasingly fuller — my hair gathered up on the top of my head.

hruka This is a place where families and individuals will find peace, nourishment and inspiration in a natural forest environment. He came under the tutelage of dakinis who taught him superior insight. Do not be offended if people do not or are unable to respond to you.

Making offerings is not a privilege to people who have the money. The deities of the mind wheel stand in the manner of those who act in the sky, And all have bodies blue in color. Icon of Peace and Courage Mahasiddha Naropa: It is from that time the initiate holds vows and is normally required to engage in a daily meditative practice called a sadhanawhich involves recitation, offerings, visualisations dadhana mantra recitation in order to identify sadhaba the deity.


Powerful healing powers are granted by Buddha Loma Gyonma.

Eight heruka sadhanas

In ancient times, the god Maha Ishvara and his consort Kalaratri resided on top of Mount Kailash and they emanated pairs of a daka and dakini in 24 sacred places around India. Yet, they are applicable to all traditions for those who want to venerate their guru. The syllable HUM takes on the nature of simultaneously arising joy. We should never add to their sufferings. From a clear light mind, my arising in a Corpus of Enlightening Forms, which is the state of riddance of the extreme of complacent nirvana — the skulls that are crowning my heads.

On the basis-level floor is the wheel of those with close bond, Resting on top of and slightly within it is the raised white body wheel, sadhan eight spokes and a garland of wheels along its rim.

Click on ‘older messages’ to view archived messages. I wear a tiger-skin loincloth and have hung around my neck A long garland of fifty moist human heads, strung together with human intestines. I take safe direction forever from those having all three vehicles of mind, From the yogis of hidden mantra and from the dakinis, From the heroic viras, heroic lady virinis, and from empowering goddesses, As well as bodhisattvas of a great nature, And especially from my tantric masters.

This is the blog of H. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. Sadhxna are in assorted colors. She is kept busy and entertained!