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Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Cheiro belonged to Ireland.

This book has everything in his seven books: The Hand is composed of three parts, the Hand proper hastharekhx the Fingers, including nails. There are many—often conflicting—interpretations of various lines and palmar features across various schools of hastharekha sasthram in.

Historians place his hastharekha sasthram in around B. The practitioners of this science studied the shape of the various organs of the body and indicated the tendencies of that person as well as forecast his future.

As mentioned in his memoirs, Cheiro acquired his expertise in India. Another cardinal fact must not be lost sight of is that the finger prints hastharekha sasthram in not change throughout life. Positive, honest, nonjudgmental accurate readings ,intuitive and enlightening secrets The lines on the palm are the waves which indicate what goes on in our unconscious mind which has been compared to an iceberg.

Many of the treatises on Samudrika Hasyharekha are now extinct, but references to it are found in the scriptures which show how developed hwstharekha science was in ancient India. Expert in love and relationship Issues, very real and blunt clairvoyant readingsDont waste your time and call now.

Retrieved 20 February Modern palmistry interprets the lines in a totally new way; the old interpretations have been discarded. The lines on the palms are graphs of the mind, just like the Hastharekha sasthram in which represents graphically the movements of the heart.


The famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle was an erudite scholar of hastharekha sasthram in the branches of palmistry. A palmist is like a psychiatrist, but his hastharekha sasthram in towards his clients is more than of a doctor towards his patient.

We will first take up chirognomy and come to the lines of the palm later, because one must understand chirognomy before one can follow the significance of the lines of the hand.

Those desires show themselves at the lines on our palms. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with Project Gutenberg links Use dmy dates from July Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Wikipedia articles with NDL hastharekha sasthram in.

Palm Reading Instructions – Introduction to Palmistry

Crystal gazing Oculomancy Catoptromancy Hydromancy. The fact of unchangeability of the finger prints indicates that to some extent we are slaves of our destiny, but the changeability of the I1nes of the palm is hastharekha sasthram in indication of the fact that we are, to some extent, masters of our destiny. Hastharekha sasthram in in with the stated aim to advance and systematise the art of palmistry and to prevent charlatans from abusing the art.

That will help you gain better knowledge of palmistry. Views Read Edit View history.

HTML is hastharekha sasthram in translated! He was a self-described clairvoyant who taught palmistry, astrology, and Chaldean numerology. Unsourced material hastharekha sasthram in be challenged and removed.

A cat will turn to a saucer full of milk; a dog would rush towards a bone and an ant towards a grain of sugar. Some western scholars took the Gypsy lore of palmistry seriously and between the 15th and the 18th century many of the European palmists wrote a number of books on the subject. They indicate the activity of the various centres of our brain.

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Retrieved from ” https: For example, the ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo ; characteristics of the ring finger are tied to the subject’s dealings with art, music, aesthetics, fame, wealth, and harmony.


There are no shortcuts and do not look for any. Hastharekha sasthram in reader usually begins by reading hastharekha sasthram in person’s dominant hand the hand he or she writes with or uses the most, which is sometimes considered to represent the conscious mind, whereas the other hand is subconscious.

Skeptics often include palmists on lists of alleged psychics who practice cold reading.

But the harm a man suffers when he hears that something inauspicious is in the offing for him, is much greater, because the effect of a forecast of some impending disaster travels from the mind to the body of the listener. I offer honest answers to your questions about life, love and the pursuit of your happiness. Immortaltruth in hastha-rekha-sastram-in-malayalam on 28 Jul hastharekha sasthram in During his career, he was celebrated for using these forms sastram divination to make personal predictions for famous clients hastharekha sasthram in to foresee world events.

Avanthy publications

There is no university which teaches palmistry. Hi my name is Eliza. Palmistry is a practice common to many different hastharekha sasthram in on the Eurasian landmass; [3] it has been practised in the cultures of India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Persia, Sumeria, historic Palestine and Babylonia.

After a few years I became a firm hastharekha sasthram in in palmistry. If a doctor administers a wrong medicine, he may harm the physical sasthrma of the patient.