There is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana. Many people are switching to eating white meat. It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria. If you take the grasscutter farming business serious, you can make as much as N4 . PDF | Grasscutter farming technology was introduced in Africa as an antidote to reduce hunting pressure on game species but vast majority of grasscutters.

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Timothy Akintayo December 30, It is not advisable you start a Grasscutter farm without the proper knowledge of how to manage a Grasscutter farm.

Darlington Omeh, Please kindly send me your contact details and a farm address where I can go and have a practical tutorial and observation before starting up my farm… Thanks once again! A good number of Grasscutter is consumed yearly but most of them still comes from the wild through hunters who goes into the bush to hunt for them but usually not easy to catch, making the animal meat very scarce in the market.

I will appreciate it if you can leave your telephone in my ebox. Where is your location? Dearing as a family, they can be with the mother for four months. Important Details GTBank Like the squirrels, it has quite entertaining antics. Hello Mr omeh,thank u for the good work the lord is using u to do for our generation. Indefinite mating is expected to have taken place when the weaned male Grasscutter is seven rearjng old and the female is eight months.


Darlinton and Co am a beginner.

Grasscutter rearing in Accra, Ghana: a novel way to ensure food security in the inner city

What this means is that people need to go for proper training before venturing into grasscutter business. However, they do brasscutter dried foods too. The farmer also stated that grasscutter feed on palm wine and that is why they destroy oil palm plantation. They can still also be fed with food like leftovers, rice, sweet potato, grain legume, maize, and so on. Please I need your contact.

What you earn from this type of farming solely depends on how much you invest. Akeem November 21, If it does, it means it can bite.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

Very well delivered lecture, but I need your email address and phone number contact so I can make further inquiries as starting grasscutter farming. There is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana.

How do i get grasscutter i live in delta two males and six female Reply. Pls I need your contact number. Rearingg has led to knowledge in the selection and improvement of stock for breeding. Rubin and his neighbor have been rearing Grasscutter over the last five years and helped many to grow this.

They can easily be reared at grasscuttsr, and it is a business venture that can be started on a small scale with a space less than one room. Henry Rezring 7, Where in Lagos can I buy grasscutter for breeding. It is advisable to buy them when they are four months old, which is the breeding stock stage. Nice information could you please send your contact and phone number for further inquiries.


What is the market demand? Build your cage that way, separate for each colony. The best cities to visit in Denmark The best cities to visit in Denmark 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana.

Opara Darlington June 2, Grasscutter teeth rearjng very sharp.

Every colony must have permanent one male Reply. You only need a little free space in your compound to put up grasscutter farming cages or a kitchen space to convert into a grasscutter pen.

How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming – Punch Newspapers

Although easy, you need to pay close attention to the requirements of farming snails to succeed. Their excreta is odourless. Oga this is a good work, God bless u, but I need your no to make the contact more easier.

Thanks so much for this! Rearng also ducks, bush birds, dogs of different types and breeds and many more. By Areding – on December 3, There are a lot of people who are willing to help beginners for free, but I for example do not