AutoVu™ Managed Services allow you to deploy an automatic license plate. Genetec Motoscan is designed to increase parking efficiency in the narrow . Genetec Announces AutoVu™ Flexreader™. PDF. New Server-Based Solution Transforms Security Center Supported Video Surveillance.

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Specialized ALPR Intelligence at the Edge

The Security Center platform allows you to investigate events across systems and provides unparalleled reporting capabilities.

Download the SharpX Datasheet. Automatic license plate recognition. Learn More about the Security Center Platform.

The company’s flagship product, Security Center, is an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition ALPRcommunications, and analytics. Standard Range and Long Range. The SharpV is offered in two formats: Automatic license plate recognition.

SharpX | Genetec

In this way, you can service your scooters while your officers continue to enforce parking across your city. Learn more about AutoVu. With powerful dedicated wheel imaging technology for digital chalking and shared-permit enforcement, you can now capture valuable data to decrease ticket disputes and increase compliance, while identifying scofflaws that frequent your facility.

Brigham Young University deploys Genetec AutoVu license plate recognition on campus to simplify parking management system and protect students and staff.

AutoVu | Genetec

You can then use ALPR events to trigger actions and alarms across your entire security system. Cover more ground Key Features. Access the Motoscan datasheet. The SharpX XGA is a higher resolution progressive scan camera that connects to the ALPR processing unit offering tall, wide and standard resolution modes as well as a longer capture range.


With this data, your team confirms the infractions and dispatches officers to deliver citations where needed. As the heart of license plate-enabled parking enforcement, the AutoVu ALPR system brings together a broad ecosystem of payment and parking enforcement partners.

Find out how the University of British Columbia did it by requesting our infographic. The system can open vehicle gates and garage doors when the vehicle of an employee or registered visitor is detected, or instantly notify staff of the arrival of suppliers and visiting VIPs. By providing this contextual data, the AutoVu system helps resolve investigations faster and reduces ticketing disputes.

The SharpX has also been designed with both night and day performance in mind, allowing you to read license plates in low light conditions with enough gnetec to identify license plates and vehicle characteristics.

Learn More About AutoVu. Enforce All Parking Gennetec Simultaneously As the heart of license plate-enabled parking enforcement, the AutoVu ALPR system brings together a broad ecosystem of payment and parking enforcement partners. Full-color context images, vehicle make detection, and color identification bring even more evidence to each plate read. Outfit patrol vehicles with compact SharpX cameras and patrol more streets, enforcing multiple parking rules simultaneously and automatically detecting scofflaws on the route.


Deploying an ALPR system has never been easier.

Automatic license plate recognition. These cameras combine with a local processing unit to provide high-accuracy genegec and analytics accessible in-vehicle for mobile applications. High-definition SharpX cameras capture plates across multiple lanes, at acute angles, at differential speeds of over MPH, and in extreme weather, providing high-quality evidence in all conditions.

This increased resolution allows you to read more plates by widening the capture zone to read higher and lower plates or across multiple lanes of traffic.

This parking enforcement appliance runs on less than 40 watts of power, allowing your officers to scan vehicles as long as there is gas in their tank. With built-in ALPR analytics and processing onboard, the SharpV reduces the amount of data on your network, as video is processed on the camera and sends only the information you need to the server.

Now, they can re-use their existing security infrastructure equipment to augment their system with ALPR in a cost-effective manner. Violations are automatically updated in the back office, allowing you to optimize patrol routes and increase enforcement productivity.