Genba is a Japanese term meaning “the actual place”. Japanese detectives call the crime scene genba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as. gemba | Gemba Kanri (Introduction to Gemba Leadership). The meaning and purpose of all these principles will be further explored in succeeding chapters, dealing particularly with the three cornerstones of Genba Kanri.

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They are simple, objective and conspicuous and reflect best practice. Dear Gemba Coach,I am ops director of a large hospital.

So how is lean different? Dear Gemba Coach,My company is trying to implement a system for collecting, organizing, and maintaining visibility of employee suggestions and ideas. Could you guide me on how this can be done? But when should we use each? This includes improving the ‘status quo’ Today, no-one can afford to rest on their laurels, and we are all striving for improvement. The checklist has to include questions that will help you understand the process you are going to observe in a better way.

We had projects to fix some, but things seem worse. Dear Gemba Coach,Every one says that lean is not just about cost cutting. Dear Gemba Coach,If lean really is about innovation, why does so much of it seem to be about logistics, with truck preparation areas, leveling boxes, small trains, kanbans and so on?

Principles of Genba Kanri

Through getting the people aligned with these principles we can start to change the way that they, collectively, conduct their business. Unleashing Motivation for Lean Production. Would you know of any studies in this area? Dear Gemba Coach I have attended several lean conferences and am deeply interested in the topic, but puzzled about the diversity of viewpoints.


Nichijo GEMBA Kanri – 日常 管理 – (Daily Work Management )

Dear Gemba Coach,Our company produces custom products that cannot be easily forecast in terms of when they will be ordered, and in what format. We know that there are certain things that we have to do and have if we are to achieve this: A core part of kaizen is not just looking for the results of the physical improvement, but the opportunity to grow, develop people — or self-develop, so that the learning can be applied to every other work situation.

What is your opinion about transformation process steps? Dear Gemba Coach, Can lean really make work more meaningful for everybody? Dear Gemba CoachI am struggling with the problem of training our leaders to become lean leaders. What does lean say about outsourcing? Why is it so hard to engage middle-managers in rigorous analysis? Quality management Manufacturing in Japan Japanese business terms.

August 15, Dear Gemba Coach, Is there such thing as a leader standard work, and, if so, what is it?

Michael Ballé’s Gemba Coach Column

We were all more or less saying the same thing; using the same words. Dear Gemba Coach,We’ve done a lot of kaizen work in production and have something of a pull system running. December 11, Dear Gfmba Coach,If lean really is about innovation, why does so much of it seem to be about logistics, with truck preparation areas, leveling boxes, small trains, kanbans and so on?


Dear Gemba Coach,My company has been doing lean for a while now, and I’ve been asked to start lean in the IT department. February 24, Kamri sensei wants us to turn off MRP and work with kanban cards.

April 21, Why do you lean guys always focus on shop floor processes? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dear Gemba Coach, Why is lean so focused on problem solving?

What to look for during a gemba walk. Teams that were doing great slip back and we gwmba constantly regain lost ground.

July 31, Dear Gemba Coach, My boss, the operations VP, has asked me gembaa implement a pull system across the whole company. January 18, Dear Gemba Coach,Should we plan according to what we can do, or the other way around? The idea is that to be customer-driven, one must go to the bemba genba to understand his problems and opportunities, using all one’s senses to gather and process data. Notify me of new posts via email.

The workshops have been going great, but how do we keep this work going when people return to their daily work?

Are we barred from lean forever? Frontiers of Health Services Management, 26 1 ,