14 Sep The guru Method is a GAMSAT preparation company based in Australia, UK and Ireland that helps GAMSAT candidates prepare for the exam. 19 May I have a previous thread on here called My Gamsat experience, highlighting my . Hi can i please purchase the guru method resources please. GAMSAT guru – gamsat preparation manuals. The guru Method is a GAMSAT preparation company based in Australia, UK and Ireland that helps GAMSAT.

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View your post below. It takes time and hard work. Hi, Yes I will be interested in the material.

GAMSAT For Dummies

The systematic approach to knowing what to write in your essays, never wonder what to write in your essay on exam day. When the going gets tough, always remember, critical reading skills will stay with you for the long run, it’s not like most other exams where you learn something for one exam only to forget it all a week later. Follow 16 You will get dozens of textbooks and lock yourselves away from your family and friends for months in GAMSAT preparation.

I left the job near to December, as it was also imperative for me to get some solid work experience under my belt. Sat, 10 Nov ‘ The Gamsat Guru method gkru focused on running though all practice questions at GAMSAT speed to acclimatise you to answering the questions within the short timeframe.

Graduate Entry Medicine Entry Started by: Check out the All Forums page. If interested PM me! See exactly what is done to turn a poor 5 out of 10 essay into a sparkling 10 out of 10 essay.

Studying for the GAMSAT: Review of the Guru Method for GAMSAT preparation

Basically, it would be great to hear a little more about the details of your schedule. I think that’s only fair.


Follow 10 Practice 30 minute essays everyday. Now that I have some more time on my hands, I have written up some information with regards to how you gamsah best prepare for the three sections.

Even if you’ve studied and are an expert on the material, if you cannot quickly understand and excerpt information and separate what you need from the dross then you cannot complete the questions quickly enough to score well on the GAMSAT. I cannot stress the importance of effective titling, because it allows you to direct the essay into an area where you have interest in or into an area where you have written previous essays in even if the quotes may not be explicitly referring to such an area.

Follow 19 You will never be caught with an answer that cannot be explained. I haven’t touch biology or chemistry since GCSEs. The 2 essay types that you must be familiar with in order to gain the maximum marks in Section II.

Oh, also, how did gury do on the September exam, or haven’t you heard yet? Methid everything you can get your hands on. It is recommended that you write at least 2 essays a week and those essays to be critically reviewed.

Of those who wrote down the above advice, 19 came from a science background half of which were biological or medical science3 were business, 1 computer science, 1 law, 1 engineer and 6 were from humanities and social sciences.

Just make sure not to overpay, you shouldn’t be spending a lot, the Collins books were the priciest total that I paid for except the time I got ripped off by a medical student Both had been better than average students, both were hardworking, determined and both – had a dream to be a doctor – they were committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed in the GAMSAT.

Thank gasmat in advance. Methkd Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Don’t go on the course, you can easily just teach yourself. Nevermind they are like gold to me. What made the difference? Find your perfect uni place go.

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GAMSAT Advice From 1st Year GEM Students | Gamsat Sample QuestionsGamsat Sample Questions

Follow 20 No, create an account now. If so, which one would you “waste” so early? I would prioritise in getting some of the past exam papers over the ‘textbooks’.

Go with your strengths! The content available for free includes a free PDF and a ten-day email course, also available at gamsatpreparation.

Essay analysis will provide a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses and specifically tell you prescriptive advice on action steps for you to implement to improve your next essay. The time allowed is 30 minutes per essay with 10 minutes reading time for both essays combined.

Most likely, one question will call for an argumentative style and the other shall call for a reflective style essay. The same is true for every single topic that is covered in “The Guru Method”.

A rise in both S1 and S3, and a slight drop in S2.

Start new discussion Closed. There are also twelve postgraduate medical schools in Australia with around fifteen hundred total positions available. Money and finance Replies: If you have this framework, you won’t waste time trying to plan the essay in the exam. Particularly the Section 1 and Section 3 books? Practicing the essay samples is also integral for doing well. Find out how to boost your performance with these healthy snacks.

I am interested in the Guru material and finding out any other tips you may have for revising! University of Oxford Replies: