14 Sep The guru Method is a GAMSAT preparation company based in Australia, UK and Ireland that helps GAMSAT candidates prepare for the exam. 19 May I have a previous thread on here called My Gamsat experience, highlighting my . Hi can i please purchase the guru method resources please. GAMSAT guru – gamsat preparation manuals. The guru Method is a GAMSAT preparation company based in Australia, UK and Ireland that helps GAMSAT.

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See exactly what is done to turn a poor 5 out of 10 essay into a sparkling 10 out of 10 essay. Most likely, one question will call for an argumentative style and the other shall call for a reflective style essay. Your name or email gamxat As long as your essay is gasat you should get a decent mark. Follow 13 Illustrative questions that demonstrate the concepts and strategies summarised in each chapter and how to apply it to the GAMSAT.

The formula for writing 10 out of 10 essays. I’m gonna buy the collins advanced science books for chemistry, physics and biology.

Share This Page Tweet. Leave a comment cancel. The 2 types of questions that are guaranteed to occur in Section I that you will need to learn a step-by-step methodology on how to answer. Grow your Grades Replies: Don’t spend too much time on memorising but just practice and absorb the concepts.

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Come back to it later. You can provide clarity for msthod markers by providing a title for the essay. Follow 11 However it is possible as I’m not as close to what is going I as I used to be. Particularly the Section 1 and Section 3 books? While there are free GAMSAT materials available, the quality varies and there is not a large amount in terms of volume.


You will approach every Section III question with this. The second section is “Essay Writing”. I use the same structure for Task A and Task B.

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Oh, also, how did you do on the September exam, or haven’t you heard yet? You only have to beat the people in the room. Emthod when did you take the Acer exams? The only difference in the last time I sat it, I just wanted it more than anything.

In order to do well in “Essay Writing” section, you will need to develop planning skills, logical reasoning, creativity, imagination, as well as essay writing skill. Once your order is processed via the secure order form, your package will be rushed to you via courier usually next business day. The for Dummies series Including: Can’t see the right topic?

Hi, Yes I will be interested in the material. How did you approach this? The other got The one style of question guaranteed to occur in organic chemistry. You are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the topic and memorise the key facts, formulae, themes and concepts. I was also able to secure four offers for graduate entry, so I am happy to help and advise regarding interview prep and application. A well written short essay will gain more marks than a long average essay.

Here is however a quick snapshot of the material that I came across with another friend I was studying with and how we thought they ranked. I did all the biology first, then physics and lastly Chemistry. Your email address will not be shared with anyone for any reason. If you have this framework, you won’t waste time trying to plan the essay in the exam.


I have heard often that GAMSAT March is harder than the September not sure if verified but the cumulative graph indicated that the 50th percentile rank score was 54 which by usual standards is quite low.

GAMSAT Material (scored 82 happy to advise) – The Student Room

And if you’re not completely satisfied then you can return the manuals within 30 days for an unconditional full refund. Original post by usernamenottaken I know this thread wasn’t made specifically for advice on the gamsat but as someone who’s done well in the exam, if you had to start from scratch and prep for the exam in 3 months, what would you prioritise and how would you go about preparing for the gamsat knowing the things you do know?

This was the graph that came with my results.

Most candidates will not even think of adopting a rigorous training regimen towards Section II. Follow 3 Graduate Entry Gamsxt Entry Started by: I left the job near to December, as it was also imperative for me to get some solid work experience under my belt.

Study tools and advice 12 tips to get top grades Interactive study planner Free learning resources.