Case number, IT/1-T. Decision title, Judgment. Decision date, 10 December Parties. The Prosecutor; Anto Furundžija. Categories, War crimes. Trial Chamber II found Furundžija guilty of torture and outrages upon personal The events giving rise to the case against Furundžija have occurred at the. Anto Furundzija (Trial Judgement) , available at: cases,ICTY, [accessed 27 December ].

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An appeal against this sentence was rejected.

He deserted the French Army in to join the National Witness A, the victim was repeatedly raped in front of him, or when he was just outside the door. In the former Yugoslavia, the trials of those accused of war crimes have been opened by the courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The trial chamber was also satisfied that all the elements of rape were met and found that the accused inflicted outrages upon her personal dignity and sexual integrity, for the severe physical and mental pain, along with public humiliation.

It found that although he had not perpetrated the rapes and sexual violence himself, he was party to it at all times, given that he and the soldier carried out different roles during the interrogation. In the night of 14 SeptemberTorture in International Humanitarian law The Tribunal noted that the prohibition of torture was clearly provided for by the Geneva Conventions and its additional protocols.

Prosecutor v. Anto Furundzija | Women’s Link

Induring the Rwandan Genocide, Ngenzi was mayor of the Kabarondo dist The Federal Criminal Court of Santiago del Estero convicted the perpetrators of crimes against the civilian population of Santiago del Estero Province between andmost of whom were high-ranking members of the Provincial Police. The full text of the official summary as read out in Court by the Presiding Judge and of the judgement itself will be mailed upon request by the Public Information Unit.

They focus on prosecuting lower ranking offenders. As to individual criminal responsibility under Article 7 1 of the Statute, the Trial Chamber found that aiding and abetting under international criminal law requires practical assistance, fuurundzija, or moral support having a substantial effect on the perpetration of the crime actus reusand knowledge that such acts assist the commission of the offence mens rea.

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The Court found that the crimes Ibrahim Al F and more than men under his command frundzija controlled a district in north Instead of adopting this expansive definition, the trial chamber decided to look for a ffurundzija by turning to the principles of criminal law common to the major legal systems of the world. The Tribunal was called to finish its work by the end ofin order to prepare closure and transfer of cases to the Residual Mechanism.

Prosecutor v. Anto Furundzija

Furthermore, the Trial Chamber found a connection between this armed conflict and the acts underlying the charges against the accused. In this capacity he and another soldier interrogated Witness A. Mario Alfredo Sandoval These panels work in collaboration with the ICTY. The accused furthermore stood by, failing to intervene in any way, while the witness was forced to have oral, anal and vaginal sexual intercourse with the other soldier.

Tito Barahira, was a mayor of Kabarondo Commune in Rwanda from to Skip to main content. On 22 SeptemberAnto Furunxzija was transferred to Finland to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

ICD – Furundžija – Asser Institute

The Judgement of the Trial Chamber. The Tribunal also made the factual finding that the accused was the commander of the unit the boss and that he was an active combatant participating in expelling muslims from their homes.

On 21 Julythe Appeals Chamber confirmed the initial sentence. During the interrogation, she was maintained in a state of forced nudity and obliged to submit to several sexual attacks: The amended indictment further alleged that Furundzija continued to interrogate Witness A and Victim B while they were beaten on the feet with a baton by the other soldier and cqse, that Furundzija stood by, failing to intervene in any way, while Furuundzija A was forced to have oral and vaginal sexual intercourse with the other soldier.


National courts also have jurisdiction to prosecute alleged perpetrators of serious furudnzija of international humanitarian law.

It was created to detect and prosecute perpetrators of criminal offenses against humanity and international law, and offences recognised by the ICTY Statute, regardless of the nationality, citizenship, race or religion of the perpetrator and the victim, as long as the acts were committed on the territory of furundzjia Yugoslavia after 1 January In assesing the criminal responsibility of the accused for torture and the rapes, the tribunal found that the the accused was clearly responsible given his commanding role.

He held this position until Octavien Ngenzi It has been held that international crimes being universally condemned wherever they occur, every State has the right to prosecute and punish the authors of such crimes.

The Prosecutor v. Anto Furundžija

The trial of Furundzija commenced on 8 June and the proceedings continued until 22 Juneat which time the hearing was closed with judgement reserved to a later date. During the questioning, Witness A had a knife rubbed against her inner thigh and lower stomach by the other soldier, who threatened to put his knife inside her vagina should she not tell the truth.

The First Trial Chamber judged that the crime of torture gave rise to the application of the principle of universal jurisdiction and thereby constituted a crime which in international law, was probably imprescriptible.

Its headquarters are in The Hague, Netherlands. On 10 Decemberthe First Trial Chamber found Anto Furundzija guilty by way of his individual personal responsibility on two counts of violations of the laws or customs of war Art.

It would seem that other consequences include the fact that torture may futundzija be covered by a statute of limitations, and must not be excluded from extradition under any political offence exemption.