Does anyone know if the Frankenjura guide is split north/south or east/west? Even better, can you point me to an online map which shows the. Felsen ‘Freudenmauer’ in der Fränkischen Schweiz Bei erfährst Quergang Fb 5b Beschreibung vorhanden. Topo. Druckausgabe Drucken. Die Infoseite zum Klettern im Frankenjura, dem besten Sportklettergebiet in Deutschland. Hier gibt es alle Infos zum Klettern in Franken, der Fränkischen.

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Frankenjura is Germany’s 2nd largest climbing area and a world-class sport climbing destination with a quite long history. Description Frankenjura is Germany’s 2nd largest climbing area and a world-class sport climbing destination with a quite long history. Sign the Climber’s Log!

This is a pretty good and authentic guide! Especially, no publishing of boulders, and no bouldering after sunset.

I suppose I could get the Thum one, but I’ve already got two earlier editions of his and find the endless detail about who did the FAs really tiresome when it could be used for something useful like descriptions of the climbing. History View historical timeline A lot! Closed from to 12 m. Tell rfankenjura where you want to train. Managed to find a pdf which shows the contents page and map for Band 2, drankenjura it is exactly as you say. Save Add photos See all photos.

Most routes are either vertical or overhanging, finger pockets are very common. Just to the left side, the rest of this crag is illustrated on a separate TOPO.


Summer — In the early parts early June through mid July and then again near the beginning of Fall September you can have great conditions in the shade and under tree canopies. Camping is another popular option. Activity Check out what is happening in Frankenjura. Even better, can you point me to an online map which shows the areas that each guide covers?

Neues aus dem Forum Re: In reply to winhill: In most places both sorts of rock are very solid. Hi Time to update the ancient topos in preparation for trip next week. The legendary Oma Eichler campground in the Trubachtal is a meeting point for climbers since many years. TheGeneralist – on 14 Aug Kletterhalle Hersbruck – Kletterhalle Hersbruck. And many more climbing destinations to explore in the climbing app.

The majority of the routes at Frankenjura are short powerful single pitch sport routes on excellent quality grey limestone. Historic climbing guides of Frankenjura. The northern boundary of Frankenjura is formed by the river Main between Bamberg and Bayreuth, where it borders the much older granite mountains of Fichtelgebirge and a schist plateau with deep valleys called Frankenwald.

Areas Add area s Add topo Reorder Bulk edit. Since Franken belongs to Bavaria can you not say that the Franke are Bavarians?

Freudenmauer – Fels –

Upload a photo of area. Where to stay Especially in the northern Frankejnura one can find plenty of rather cheap holiday appartments. Falls dir an diesem Fels etwas Wichtiges aufgefallen ist, kannst du hier eine Meldung dazu machen. Country guide to climbing areas App Case Study: Now that was extraordinary!


Rockevents sind einerseits Gefahrenmeldungen, andererseits naturschutzfachliche oder soziale Notwendigkeiten, die es zu beachten gilt.

Wenn du eingeloggt bist, sind Routen, die in deiner Hitliste stehen mit blau und Routen aus deiner Wunschliste mit lila markiert. There are plenty of campsites around Frankenjura and they are really good for your purse! In reply to TheGeneralist: Central Wiesent valley and side valleys. Unfortunately, not all classic routes are always perfectly bolted and often, it is the easier frankejnura that are sparsely bolted. Full climbing guide on rebranded site.

Die Routennamen sind anklickbar und bringen dich zur Routenausgabe. Overview The Frankenjura is a low mountain range in southeast Germany that developed approximately 60 million years ago from sediments of the still older Tethys sea.

Interaktiv Anmelden Registrieren Forum Impressum. Steinerne Stadt – City of Stone. Keep me logged in all the time. Page Contents 1 Know your grade, love holes, love forests 2 Best season to climb 3 Where to climb in Frankenjura?

Weissenstein, Veldener Wand etc. Especially in the 80’s, Frankenjura was the destination for hard-core climbing. See all contributors Karma.


Rock-Events und Inhalten z. For bouldering, check first: Die Routen sind von links nach rechts aufgelistet. VL for business Smart Climbing Gym.