FM 10-67-1 PDF

Section I. Accountability and Inventory. PETROLEUM ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND REPORTS. Soldiers storing or transferring class III products must. provide extensive information about FM ( ). SUPERCESSION STATEMENT. This publication supersedes ATP dated 21 July , FM dated 2 April. and FM

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Gage tankers and rail tank cars with specific measuring devices as described in the paragraph above. Sign In Sign Out. Record the water cut as a water innage or outage. Record the cut as the innage gage.

Make sure it does not rest on a rivet head or other object within the tank. If left unchecked, erosion weakens firewalls so that they are not able to act as a secondary containment for a spill or prevention of a fire from spreading to another source.

It is the cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the bob and gage the tank again. These devices are made of cast iron or steel.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM ) by Army, Department of the

Enter Your Email Address. Under any conditions, fire prevention, integrity of firewalls, safety, security, and environmental protection stewardship must be considered in all petroleum installation maintenance procedures and policies.

The bottom of the stick usually has a hard metal tip.

This section discusses petroleum accounting records and reports. Grease or light lubricating oil may be used instead of the paste. Use the tank car gage stick to determine dome innage and shell outage in nonpressurized rail tank cars that have shell outages of 1 foot or less. Maintenance requirements for the pier grounding systems include the following.


Submarine pipelines are welded pipe sections connected to storage tanks on shore and laid under water to ship moorings. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 110-67-1 to 51 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer. Part Three describes Army aircraft refueling operations. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? It weighs 22 pounds. Bottom sediment and water often accumulate in different parts of a tank bottom. Record physical inventories on DA Form use the remarks block for petroleum tank vehicles.

To do this, place the drum in a vertical position. This equipment is usually located at the end of piers. DA Form Innage gage sheet Using innage tape and bob.

The primary purpose of good maintenance practices at petroleum installations is to enhance safety and security and to maximize service life. Samples are important gm they are used to determine the quality of petroleum products.

To get an outage gage or ullage using an outage tape and bob, refer to Figurepageand follow the steps below. Maintenance requirements 1067-1 the mooring facilities include the following. If the tank car has more than 1 foot of shell outage, use a petroleum gage stick or an innage tape and bob.

Less than 10 feet 1 Middle of Product. The following paragraphs discuss volume fj for liquid petroleum products. A brass angle is used to position the gage stick. To get an innage gage using the innage tape and bob, refer to Figurepageand follow the steps below: Do not use ink because ink will run if fuel is spilled on the 110-67-1. The types of contamination are given below. A 5-gallon sample should be submitted when jet fuels are tested for thermal stability. When taking samples, follow the procedures in the ASTM manual and the 10–67-1 listed below:.


Maintenance requirements of line handling equipment include the following. Calculate the monthly loss by subtracting the closing inventory from the closing book balance. Keep it in position for 15 to 30 seconds for heavier products. This equipment is given below.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM 10-67-1)

They usually accumulate on the side opposite a filling line or on either side of an outlet. Working personnel, military or civilian, perform better when high standards of safety, cleanliness, orderliness, and appearance are maintained. To maintain the security fences, follow these steps. Hose, rubber, gasoline, with reusable couplings, low temperature MIL-H, latest revision 6.

However, they are responsible for maintaining the pipelines, hoses, hose-handling equipment, grounding systems, and mooring devices at waterfront operations. Entries on the sample tag should be typewritten or in pencil. Then multiply this figure by. The anchor bolts are especially subject to corrosion where they come in contact with the castings.

Stencil the date of the test on the hose in a subdued color black or gray and keep a written record of the tests. Figurepageshows an outage tape and bob.