Gerald Finzi. Bagatelles (5) for clarinet & piano, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. : Five Bagatelles, Op. Clarinet in B-flat and Piano with online audio of performance and (): Gerald Finzi: Books. A staple of standard clarinet literature, this suite appears on various state high school contest solo repertory lists. Contents: I. Prelude · II. Romance · III. Carol · IV.

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The last piece, Fughetta, well what can i say!!

Finzi became one of the most characteristically “English” composers of his generation. He also amassed a bagatellew library of some volumes of English poetry, philosophy and literature, now kept at the University of Reading and a collection some volumes including books, manuscripts and printed scores of 18th-century English music, now kept at the University of St Andrews.

Gerald Finzi

The Romance, the first of the slow movements, is lyrical and sweet. The set consists of three slow movements, quite distinct from one another, framed by fast opening bafatelles closing movements.

Bagaatelles interplay between the piano and the clarinet is absolutely perfect. InFinzi learned that he was suffering from the then incurable Hodgkin’s disease and had at most ten years to live. Sexy Trippy All Moods. The piano is mostly supportive in the A sections, playing chords and occasionally a bit of the melody, but is much more involved and interactive in the B section.

Biographies refer to him subsequently developing chickenpoxwhich developed into a “severe brain inflammation “. Large-scale compositions by Finzi include the cantata Dies natalis for solo voice and bagatellles orchestra, and his concertos for cello and clarinet.

I find that his music is never boring and that every phrase is a new adventure of sorts. This distinctive suite of short movements is now a cornerstone of the clarinet repertoire for players of all ages. Allegro vivace at on the quarter note, this technically challenging movement in the key of concert F Major G starts out with a bang and builds all the way from the low end of the clarinet up to an altissimo G in just the first 6 measures!


Gerald Finzi – Wikipedia

For example, the line initially begins on count 1, but later he places the same line on count 3, and later in a different meter! It’s a fitting conclusion to a suite of pieces that are light and charming, but not at all trivial.

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Bagatelles (5) for clarinet &… | Details | AllMusic

Views Read Edit View history. Infollowing an excursion near Gloucester with Vaughan WilliamsFinzi developed shinglesprobably as a result of immune suppression caused by Hodgkin’s disease. Initially in the key of Db major concert Eb but with a modal tonality, there is a shift to concert F major G in the B section, where the major tonality brings a cheerful new idea. The clarinet line is a repetition of the original A section, with a few embellishments and other small changes in the piano part, up through most of the section at Rehearsal 7.

Clarinet Concerto; 5 Bagatelles; Charles Stanford: Your passion and knowledge combined will be an asset to those seeking your niche. Trinity College London Clarinet The second piece Romance, is indeed romantic, it is slow and melancholic, and in some ways emotional – i could just drift off to sleep when i play it!

During the s, Finzi composed only a few works, but it was in these, notably the cantata Dies natalis to texts by Thomas Trahernethat his fully mature style developed.

Something of his feelings after this revelation is probably reflected in the agonized first movement of his Finzii ConcertoFinzi’s last major work, although its second movement, originally intended as a musical portrait of his wife, is more serene. Gerald Raphael Finzi Composer.

A very interesting point is that the piano is in E Major for the first half of the movement, whilst the clarinet is in concert Db Major Ebthough accidentals in the clarinet solo make up for the difference in key.


British Flute Music, Volume 3. Given the high-quality performances on this CD, I hope the Cologne soloists will go on to do other British repertoire with the same aplomb as is shown here.

Set of performance parts. For voice and orchestra he composed the above-mentioned Dies natalisand the pacifist Farewell to Arms The fourth piece Forlana is bagateoles very peaceful serene piece, lke the second piece Romance, it is very romantic and very peaceful. The Carol is the easiest movement of the Five Bagatellesthough it still has an interesting meter: The piano introduces the new idea, echoed by the clarinet four bars later.

First comes finiz Prelude with an exuberant initial section, repeated at the end, interrupted by a more restrained middle section that builds to a dark climax.

Finzi – Five Bagatelles

Most of this movement stays in the soft dynamics, with the only forte dynamic being finiz climax at the end of the B section, where octave Bs in the clarion register create a bit of a technical challenge TIP: Includes separate piano accompaniment sheet. Infollowing five years of study with Bairstow, Finzi moved to Painswick in Gloucestershirewhere he began composing in earnest. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

His ashes were scattered on May Hill near Gloucester in After Farrar’s death, Finzi studied privately at York Minster with the organist and choirmaster Bagatflles Bairstowa strict teacher compared to Farrar. Click bagaatelles a grade to view the full syllabus. Skip to main content. There is a constant flow of eighth notes through nearly the entire A section of the movement.