Painted Leaf Poinsettia is an erect herb which is a close cousin of the popular garden plant Poinsettia. It has green stems and grows up to 1 m. Synonym, Full Citation, Basionym, Type. Cyathophora picta, Cyathophora picta Rafinesque, Fl. Tellur. 4: (“”). TYPE: FLORIDA: Euphorbia. Description: This plant is a summer annual about 1–2¾’ tall, ½–2′ across, and more or less flat-topped. It is more branched and wider above than below; the.

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In Queensland painted spurge Euphorbia cyathophora is most prevalent in the south-eastern parts of the state, but is also a weed of beaches and offshore islands in the north e. The terminal flowers are yellowish with small glands or nectaries.

National Wetland Indicator Status Region: Euphorbia heterophylla forma graminifolia. An email address is required, but will not be cyarhophora will only be used for information exchange between the 2 of us if needed and will never be cyathophoga to a 3rd party without your express permission.

Euphorbia cyathophora Murray, var. I let a patch grow where only weeds thrived as I always neglected that spot. Increasing competition from other plants cywthophora help contain it. S2 – Typically 6 to 20 occurrences, few remaining individuals, acres, or miles of stream, or factors demonstrably making it very vulnerable in the state.

Category I – Species that are invading and disrupting native plant communities in Florida. It is most common in the coastal districts of Queensland and northern New South Wales, scattered in the Northern Territory and in the northern and western parts of Western Australia, and present in the coastal districts of central New South Wales.


YellowGreen Bloom Time: Wildflowers Howard, D. Eu;horbia our website at www.

Plant Database

Any – An Any search will combine the list of counties to exclude with a Boolean Or. It is ranked among the top environmental weeds in south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New Euphorhia Wales, and appears on numerous local environmental weed lists in these regions.

The National Wetland Plant List: Naturalised in many other parts of the world, including on numerous Pacific islands e. S1 – Typically 5 or fewer occurrences, very few remaining individuals, acres, or miles of stream, or some factor of its biology making it especially vulnerable in the state. Wild Poinsettia, Fire-on-the-mountain Genus: Garlic mustard is an example of a biennial.

Identifying species that appear as waifs or only periodically appear in the flora for a few seasons. They have formed a solid bed and no other weeds are growing. For info on subjects other than plant identification gardening, euphobia species control, edible plants, etc. I have millions of these in my yard. This definition does not rely on the economic severity or geographic range of cyathophorx problem, but on the documented ecological damage caused. Cultivated occurrences are not mapped.

Search More Titles in Bibliography. Euphorbia graminifolia Euphorbia graminifolia Michaux, Fl. Do they ave a toxic effect on other plants?

Painted spurge Euphorbia cyathophora is widely cultivated, particularly in the warmer parts of Australia, for its attractive reddish-coloured floral leaves. The intended name can then be chosen from any of those lists. Sheldon Navie dense infestation along a waterway Photo: Thanks for your understanding.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

The fruit hangs down on a short stalk becoming erect at maturity, each lobe containing a single seed. Bloom Information Bloom Color: Plants that perform their entire lifecycle within a single growing season. Poinsettia havanensis Poinsettia havanensis Small, Fl. These species may become ranked as Category I, but have not yet demonstrated disruption of natural Florida communities.


They do reseed and spread themselves around but with enough competition from other native species grasses, sedges and forbs they do not take over the whole garden, but fill in some bare spots cyatuophora sidewalk cracks. All roots, stems, and leaves die at the end of the growing season.

This species is poisonous to humans. Jump to a section: A voucher specimen euphornia a pressed cyatjophora thoroughly dried plant sample deposited in a herbarium, and is intended to be a permanent record supporting research purposes. SX – Apparently extirpated from the state. GNR – Not yet ranked. From the National Organizations Directory According to the species list provided by Affiliate Organizations, this plant is on display at the following locations: The association between the different organisms in a lichen is xyathophora close that lichens are routinely referred to as a single organism, and scientists classify lichens using the name of the fungal component.

The National Wetland Plant List: Bryophytes generally live on land but are mostly found in moist environments, for they have free-swimming sperm that require water for transport.

Stems are erect, unbranched to much branched, and hairless.