With an impressive Home Theatre pedigree, the Epson EH-TW Home Theatre Projector is the latest release from the world’s number one projector. Epson EH-TW review. As an entry level projector, we can’t recommend Epson’s extremely capable ‘ enough. You’d need to spend a. Epson is one of the leading projector manufacturers in the world today and offers a five-strong home cinema lineup. The EH-TW is its.

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Unlike the surprisingly deep blacks on the TW, the blacks on the TW had that dark grey look that we have come to expect from an LCD projector. When it came to standard definition material the TW performed adequately but was somewhat limited by the mediocre video processing. Changing genre, I switched to the opening scene of Buried.

Overall the performance of the Epson TW was very good and this was primarily due to the accurate greyscale and colour gamut after calibration.

But anyone hankering for top-notch home cinema performance should wait for the company’s forthcoming RH models. So let’s take a look and see how it measures up Steve Withers takes a look at Epson’s entry level home cinema projector by Steve Withers Aug 31, at The other area where the TW was clearly inferior to the TW was with blacks and unlike the surprisingly deep blacks on the TW, the blacks on the TW had that dark grey look that we have come to expect from an LCD projector.

Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. This was certainly true when using the TW in conjunction with a 2.

In the motion adaptive deinterlacing test the performance was also not as good as we would have liked with significant jaggies on the bottom on the three moving lines. Projection Lens Optical Zoom 2.

Epson TW3600 (EH-TW3600) 3 Chip LCD 1080p Projector Review

In fact the biggest problem with the amount of heat the bulb generates isn’t the need for cooling but the fact that the light path cannot be sealed. The EH-TW has a good variety of colour temperature options. With Toy Story 3 BDcolours had great richness. Equipment supplied by Epson Australia is designed to function in conjunction with genuine Epson consumables and accessories specifically configured for it. When it came to the video deinterlacing tests the results weren’t quite as good with the TW producing jaggies on the rotating line at a less acute angle than we saw with the TW The TW was certainly capable of lighting up a reasonably large screen but if this is your intention there is the possibility of being able to see pixel structure at a normal viewing distance.


Thank you for signing up! High Performance Cinema Filter A beautiful image requires the best treatment to ensure accurate colour reproduction.

Spson any system, product or device used in situations where human life may be involved or at risk, Epson advises that you should take all necessary steps to ensure the suitability of your Epson product for inclusion in your system, and recommends that you include fail-safe procedures and redundancy support or backup equipment in your system, to maintain the maximum safety margin and optimum system reliability.

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Oops, it looks like the system fw3600 down. Image Native Aspect Ratio Things improved considerably with Freeview HD broadcasts and when it came to Blu-rays the TW was capable of producing natural and detailed images with a lovely film-like quality.

For instance, the brand’s Reflective LCD technology is missing here. It’s decently connected, too: Controlled automatically with color mode ON: The colours appeared natural and the transitions from black to white were smooth and free of discolouration. We were impressed with the performance of both and felt that the TW in particular offered excellent value. Yes, my password is: The TW sports the same monochrome system that we saw on the TW but with a few slight changes.

Calibrated Measurements For these measurements we used the White Balance control RGB to calibrate the greyscale and we also used the Customisable Gamma to try and correct the gamma tq3600. Design and Features The Epson TW shares exactly the same white chassis as Epson’s TW and as we mentioned in the review for that projector we would prefer it if there was an option for a black version as well.

Picture Performance Whilst the TW might not be perfect it was certainly capable of a epzon good performance, especially with high definition content. Dynamic contrast was better at 16, Images looked fine in tww3600 scenes but with dark scenes there was a decidedly washed out look and we wouldn’t recommend the TW for use in a light controlled dedicated home cinema.


This means that LCD projectors can suffer tw36600 ‘dust blobs’ where contaminants in the light path is visible in the projected image.

Epson TW (EH-TW) 3 Chip LCD p Projector Review | AVForums

The first sub-menu is Image which as the name suggests includes all the controls needed for correctly setting and calibrating the image. The gradations tw36000 colour, which are always a strength of LCD projectors, were equally as impressive yw3600 the shadow detail was also good.

As always with LCD projectors the inability to seal the light path which might result in ‘dust blobs’ where contaminants in the light path are visible in the projected image.

Crucial to achieving a wide colour gamut and colour purity, this innovative technology optically adjusts the primary colours Red, Green, and Blue with exceptional balance and precision for incredibly accurate colour reproduction.

Epson EH-TW | TechRadar

However there were no such problems with high definition material and the epsoon images were excellent with plenty of detail and smooth judder free motion from 24p material. We also checked that the TW was showing detail down to video level 18 which represents reference black.

Well, this is a x resolution projector, more than happy to receive a Full HD signal. Of course the brighter the bulb, the greater the heat that is generated and the more cooling that is required.

Epson EH-TW3600

The colour palette is balanced, offering true, natural colours while also epso the most of brighter, more dynamic hues. All other product names and other company names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Out-of-the-Box Measurements For the purposes of our out-of-the-box measurements we used the ‘Cinema’ preset, selected the 2.