Using the ‘Delftse Methode’ students learn to speak, write, listen and read in Dutch. Exercises are provided with support in the native tongue, available ina large. Contact. [email protected] · · Show System Alerts · Inloggen · DM – Delftse methode Demo’s Demo’s bij de Delftse Methode. DM – Delftse methode Woordenlijsten. Functies beginnen hier. Delftse methode · Demo’s · Instructievideo’s · Woordenlijsten · Toetsen · Taalaanbieders · Contact.

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You’re given an unlimited amount of times to get the correct answer but meghode only give you the choice have them tell you the right answer if one word in the sentence is wrong. Maybe I’ll get the workbook as well, or read a grammar book or two and then just use the language.

She had moved from Spain delftsf Gent to live with her then boyfriend and I think she may have also wanted to take some university courses. He is an authority in the area of NT2 education for non-native speakers.

Wouldn’t it be easier to first get a methoxe sized vocabulary under our belts and from their learn how to properly use those words? Deftse listening training section is essentially a dictation exercise. All new vocabulary offered is translated into 26 languages; this makes it easy for the participants to understand the texts.

Answer a few questions in the Intake procedure to determine whether the course suits your current situation. Author Post time Subject Direction: Quote Post by Mevrouw.

Functies beginnen hier

They also practise their listening skills by means of listening exercises. Description Dutch grammar often seems very complicated, although the rules are relatively easy. Many people who settle in the Netherlands have to do the ‘inburgeringsexamen’ or ‘Staatsexamen NT2’. The texts in these exercises are different than what you’ve already studied thank goodness but go over the same concepts vocabulary and grammarthey’re also laid out in paragraphs as opposed to sentence by sentence.


The Delft method is known for its natural teaching style, with grammar only implicitly addressed in the texts.

De Delftse grammatica

Notify me of new comments via email. My experience is that no single delftsee is ideal and that one method works better for one person the other for the other. Course topics can be assessed by means of listening tests, gap texts or dictations. The important thing is that you learn by whatever method is good for you. I ordered them direct from holland and they should be here sometime this week. Also I look at language a lot differently now that I am older than when I was young.

I should note that I know someone who took dutch classes in Gent using the green book years ago and she was really happy with it. When the number of correct words appears, click and you will hear the next sentence.

Students who did not show up at the introductory meeting will be deleted from the students list. De Delftse grammatica can teach Dutch grammar to delftss Sign up and we will keep you posted! De Delftse grammatica is suitable for students of various educational backgrounds. Heel sucess met uw inburgeringstoets!

There is one lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon, for one hour. And are they dialogue or prose?

| The ‘Delftse Methode’ for advanced students

They have also produced a new book which contains NT2 practice test papers. Also a good portion of the translations from Dutch to English are incorrect and from what I hear from other students the same is true for the other language translations.


You’re asked to listen and repeat. Well, not so much difficult, just a very long memory test. There are also two further books in the series, Tweede ronde and, Derde ronde which take you to B1 and B2 respectively. If participants score a grade which is below sufficient on a test, they need to study the text again and take eelftse new test.

You are commenting using your WordPress. If you cannot manage to understand methoode text, you should go back to step 2 or 3. After the first click you have to listen the whole conversation from the beginning to the and.

Integral recordings of the texts make it possible to practise pronunciation. Examples are provided in short texts without grammatical terminology. You have to find what works best for you and a combination of methods may well be the best. When I decide to focus on the language again, it’s my sincere ambition to finish the book.

You can click on individual lines, but I think the goal is to listen to it uninterrupted. CEF from 0 to A2. Try some of Jokes lessons in the audio area as they are brilliant.

If so, you can see the available dates and register online.