Dark Secret is a novel written by American author Christine Feehan. Plot introduction[edit]. Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his. About Dark Secret. Meet a savage hunter from the darkest jungles and the beautiful prey he’ll never let escape in this sensual Carpathian novel from #1 New. 2 Nov Read “Dark Secret” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. Meet a savage hunter from the darkest jungles and the beautiful prey he’ll never.

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It was important to stay calm and relax and breathe naturally. Neither was her beloved mother.

Dark Secret

Raphael finally receives salvation when he finds lifemate; he can see colors and feel again but these emotions are what makes him even more dangerous chrisitne when she distrust, and fears him. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

There is a vampire, of course, fights to near death, sex, repeat. Colby vows to fight them-especially the cold and arrogant Rafael De La Cruz. A plane crash left Colby’s mother dead and Armando paralyzed. Natalya believes it started with Chrisyine leaving ferhan lifemate for a powerful mage.

Natalya is the descendent of that son. He awakens to Paul’s cries for help. I doubt if he did more than eat your food every day. One of her greatest novels yet. This angers Rafael who was planning to sneak up on him.

Now, the De La Cruz fefhan are threatening that stability. Colby Jansen is his lifemate, there can be no other explanation for the new sensations flooding him. So, when Rafael enters the picture, demanding she submit to him, turn her siblings over to his care and follow him to his home country of Brazil, one can imagine the response. I loved Nicolas and Vikirnoff in this book. The formula works, so why change it.

They are going to take her family away to Chritine, and she’ll never see them frehan. He made her heart race and every warning sense shrieked at her. I am intrigued by this dragonseeker bloodline, which is new to the series, a new twist, and I’m looking forward to meeting new characters of this bloodline and how this will help or hinder the Carpathian race. He was rough and selfish.


First introduced almost 15 years ago, we as readers already know that his story would not be until the 25th book in the series.

Dark Secret by Christine Feehan |

Rafael came off as selfish and a brute! Heart of the Wolf. Rafael realizes this in the nick of time and forces Colby to wake, he forms a diamond cage around Colby to protect her. He seemed blurred, a part of the gathering darkness. Another powerful paranormal christie woven by Christine Feehan keeping us thoroughly entertained and immersed into the world of Carpathians.

Colby could move mountains if she set her mind to it. Whether Carpathian or vampire, she slays those who murder by night, and has no equal–until she is seduced by the very thing she considers her enemy. You don’t know anything about it, or them. These people don’t belong here and they certainly don’t have the right to try to force me to turn over my brother and sister to them. To keep her siblings with her and ensure they receive the ranch at their due age, she had decided to fight anyone, however powerful they were but she clearly wasn’t prepared to fight the condescending, intimidating and sensual Raphael De La Cruz.

Once Rafael meets up with Colby, he tells her how dangerous his family and that of the Malinov family really are. It’s been a long time since I’ve read any of Christine Feehan ‘s books.

A few characters from the previous books that you have grown to sefret ,appear here and there are some new ones that you are keep pretty much in the dark about but you just rark that you will be meeting them again in the next books. Colby is frustrated that she cannot voice her fears to anyone. Rafael was so cold throughout most of the book except when in the bedroom.


They aren’t going to go away.

Under a Vampire Moon. Colby refuses to give up her brother and sister, until she comes face to face with the Chevez family’s employer Rafael De La Cruz. He is truly astonished when Colby feels despair and hopelessness after the frantic mating. Traveling from their homeland in Brazil to the Cascade mountains is a matter of honor for the powerful De La Cruz brothers.

Small details floating around, but I am sure Christine will be collecting them in a bigger plot later.

You could ensure that he would never face that moment in time when he might succumb to darkness, yet you are too stubborn, too selfish to give him what he needs. This novel was phenomenal. I opened my mind cgristine yours and I feel the love you have for me. Syndil – lifemate to Barack, both part of the troupe Dark Troubadours, with tremendous healing chtistine and has an affinity to earth.

They are tied secre the Chevez family and can do nothing else but see to the protection of the family that has worked for them for centuries: You will be mine. I felt the plot beating too much on Rafaels single ended motive pursuit to claim her and her pursuit to fight him.

Dark Secret (Dark, #12) by Christine Feehan

Rafael used her need and body’s response to make it nearly impossible to deny him. I know I already said that but I’m just so damn surprised I like him so much! She perhaps will be a lifemate to another Carpathian soon.

This book goes so far as to have the “hero” rape dzrk virgin heroine. In this installment, Feehan finally addresses what we have all been wondering about