Hochfrequenz Coronagenerator zur Vorbehandlung nicht leitender MonTEC ist ein zusätzliches Überwachungssystem zu Tantecs Plasma und Corona. disadvantage – low surface energy, resulting in poor surface adhesion for water- based adhesives and inks. Corona treatment systems by Tantec significantly. EPA4 * Korea Mach & Materials Inst Apparatus for plasma generation, method for manufacturing rotating electrodes for plasma.

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Using the SyrinTEC enables treatment of the entire outside surface without any inside treatment, which would increase friction on the inside barrel and cause the plunger to drag when used.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. Process for passing a hydrophobic substrate through a corona discharge zone and simultaneously introducing vkrbehandlung adhesive promoting aerosol.


BE Free format text: Date of ref document: The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings. In an attempt to comply vorbehandlunng this act while remaining competitive in the marketplace, manufacturers are exploring the uses of adhesives to facilitate needle assembly.

AT Date of ref document: FI Free format text: GB Free format text: The SpotTEC is easily adopted into any cofona line and offers the user a high level of flexibility in use. A1 Designated state s: In the flocking process, treatment is necessary to achieve a strong bond between the rubber and the adhesive used to attach the flock.


Kind code of ref document: Year of fee payment: The machine is ideal for in-line production, where no operators are needed.

Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von perforierten Vliesstoffen mittels hydrodynamischer Vernadelung. GR Free format text: The purpose of surface treatment of polymer-based materials is to increase surface wettability through electrical discharge.

Corona Systeme & Corona Anlagen | Individuelle lösungen

For slip-coating it is necessary to treat prior to the spray process to achieve good wettability and optimum adhesion properties of the coating. PP board is made of blended PP co-polymer and has one forbehandlung disadvantage – low surface energy, resulting in poor surface adhesion for water-based adhesives and inks.

ES Free format text: A coating vorbehandkung is vorbehand,ung operating at very high speeds, therefore the Vetaphone Corona systems for Coating lines are made specifically for Normally the SyrinTEC is built into the printing line and positioned as the final process before the barrels enter into the printing machine.

CH Ref legal event code: For film manufacturing system, printing machine, and coating machine. Apparatus and method for efficient encoding of application definition using contiguous arrays.


Vetaphone – The leading supplier of Corona systems

AT Free format text: Piece composite telle qu’un panneau, comportant une structure alveolaire a nids d’abeille. Open the catalog to page 2. MC Free format text: Built in alluminium and stainless steel to avoid corrosion due to the presence of ozone inside the discharge station. IT Free format text: High mechanical and electrical strenght of H. Surface treatment with corona results in improved surface adhesion properties.

Mit einer dielektrischen aussenschicht versehene elektrode fuer eine vorrichtung zum behandeln von werkstoffen mittels koronaentladungen. Surface treatment with Corona results in voorbehandlung surface adhesion properties.

Tantec RotoTEC-X is used for in-line treatment of injection moulded parts prior to coating, printing, gluing, painting etc.


FG4D Free format text: Rasterwalze fuer ein offsetfarbwerk, sowie verfahren zur herstellung einer derartigen rasterwalze. Vetaphone supplies a large range of associated products, that serves purposes such as ozone elimination and measurements of dyne value.

B1 Designated state s: IE Ref legal event code: EP Ref country code: