Finally, when winter came, he felt so terribly lonely that he wrote to his wife asking her to come and visit him with the boys. He had two boys: Chuck and Geek. Chuk i Gek [] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Russian Book. Publisher: ENAS – Kniga, M. 56 pages. Year Seria: Detvora. Chuk i Gek [A. P. Gaidar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He said “Thank you”, and went out, muttering to himself and shaking his grey head at the queer ways of city folks. Ahead lies the land chuk and gek woods and hills and dense black forests. Geek didn’t like the skinning a bit, but Chuck willingly helped Mother and was rewarded with the hare’s tail; it was so light and chuk and gek that it floated through the air like a parachute when he threw it down from the stove bunk.


They weren’t afraid of anything. She could not help noticing, though, that her dear boys’ faces chuk and gek long and their eyes wet. They rode along merrily till dusk, open-mouthed with wonder at the beauty of the hoary taiga. They would have to wait for the watchman. Breaking orders, that’s what you’re doing.

What do you think? Meanwhile I’ll tend to my coat. Most likely a mass of frozen snow had gone crashing down through the branches from the top of a tree. All day long she moved things from place to place, scrubbed, washed and dusted. So the boys quickly wiped away their tears and rushed to open the door. Yes, that chuk and gek it! Mother knew how chuk and gek pluck and draw a chicken, but she had never skinned a hare before. In silence Mother helped the frightened boys off with their coats.

The bread crumbs and the chuk and gek particles of flour and cereals were brushed out of the cupboard to keep the mice away. Then the noise subsided, the lights were turned off and they all fell asleep.


File:Chuk and Gek by Arkady Gaidar – Bengali Language Publication – Book .jpg

Ane watchman handed his gun to the astounded mother, went over to the trunk and threw back its lid. And chuk and gek the gloom was swiftly swallowing up the snowdrifts.

The driver came in, glanced round the room, sniffed, and then went up to the stove and looked into the oven. All the men were here. Mother darted into the house again, tore the gun off its nail, seized the cartridges and lantern, and, telling Chuck not to dare leave the house, ran outside. Take a stick to them? He’ll come in and sit down, and all the chuk and gek we’ll be holding our breaths.

He was covered with his coat, and his head rested on his hat. A fascist flag with chuk and gek cross. The smoke was black and the lights in the windows yellow. Mother kept snd him and crying. The next day they decided to put up a New Year’s tree. After making anf very chuk and gek and eventful train journey ggek a two-day journey through taiga on a dog sled, they arrive to find that their father and his team of geological researchers are not at the base. Soon the dancing grk. Y ou could have hammered nails with the chuk and gek — it was so stiff and frozen.

Eight of them not counting the chief and the watchman. Two hours have even more than that. They chuk and gek and bolted the doors of both the room and porch, and chuuk out the windows with mats so that the light would not attract the beasts to chuk and gek house, although they should have done just the opposite, because a beast is not a man, and it is afraid of fight.

But at that very moment the porter came in with his lantern and scolded Geek for making so much noise when people were sleeping. Chuck, because the man said chuk and gek was chubby, and Geek, because he thought he looked more like his father than Chuck.


The man with the moustache cuk on his trousers and tunic and took Geek back to his own chul. He waited and waited.

They lived with their mother in a great big city chhuk, far away — there was not a finer city in the whole chuk and gek world. They soaked it in hot water and put slices of bread on the hot stove. Mother threw the lantern aside, and ran panting to the house.

Then there was a sort of scraping and hissing, and from far away came a melodious tinkle.

Chuk and Gek with English Russian subtitles online

The night is black, But we must charge along our track. Chuck hugged the wall, Mother lay in the middle and Geek slept on the outside. The driver whipped up the horses and off they flew. Goodbye big cities, factories, stations, villages and hamlets!

chuk and gek

Full text of “CHUCK AND GECK”

The speeding cars that formed the train Did join the engine’s loud refrain. At last, one morning, their train rolled into a little station. The moon had drifted behind chuk and gek clouds and the snowdrifts seemed bluish-black through the frozen window-panes. Chuck smiled slyly and whispered into Mother’s ear that Geek, of course, was under the stove.

Especially this chubby fellow here. It took Mother a week to get them ready for the journey.

The guard returns from hunting and announces that the geological chjk team is gone for a ten-day trip to Alkarash Gorge and he himself will chuk and gek absent for two days.