I am trying to download the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System ( CFPAS) from. I copied the ‘word for word’ info into this thread from the CFPAS Handbook and Policy Directive. You sound like you are somewhat familiar with. 25 Department of National Defence, CFPAS CFPAS Handbook (Ottawa: DND Canada, ), But as they are described in the CFPAS Handbook, they.

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Based upon several case studies, they assert that tough empathy is one of the single-greatest ways for leaders to show that they care and can be trusted. Finally, the IA denied the grievor’s request to re-score the PERnoting that the grievor had not provided any convincing evidence in his representations that would support higher scores.

Additionally, all CAF members handbookk become adept at accepting critical feedback as a necessary means to a better end.

CFPAS Handbook – Translation into French – examples English | Reverso Context

While seemingly simple, this exchange does not occur often enough in the CAF due to a widespread aversion to delivering critical negative feedback. Thank you for your help! For more information on accessing this file, please visit our help page. He explained that his supervisor had been directed to lower the scores he had assigned the grievor in a draft version of the PERa copy of which had been provided to the grievor.

Instead, CAF members are supposed to be periodically counseled and candidly presented with a clear list of their strengths and areas of development. This brief article discusses both the cultural and procedural factors that ultimately undermine the healthy exchange of critical negative feedback between leaders and subordinates within the CAF. It has a spelling mistake. The Committee also found, based on CFPAS policy, that there was no obligation to specifically mention letters of appreciation in the PER narrative, noting that the narrative did describe in some detail the grievor’s contribution as indicated by the two letters of appreciation.

Great leadership is characterized by strong, open and honest relationships between leaders and subordinates. To better understand this cultural problem and how to fix it, this study will divide the cultural discussion into two areas: Within seconds of reading it, Master Corporal Sampson broke down into tears.

The latter, however, is the foundation of real meaningful growth. Additionally, self-aware people, capable of recognizing and regulating their emotions, are better equipped for stifling their own negative emotional impulses as required. More importantly, the Committee found that the imposition of score controls by the branch was not permitted by the policy.


Summarizing this point, Scott suggests:. Finally, the limitations of the CFPAS must be acknowledged, and CAF leaders need to ensure that these same limitations do not steer hanbook away from the delivery of critical negative feedback. I can’t find what I’m looking for. Second, increased formal training on mental resilience could assist CAF members in viewing critical negative feedback as hanebook necessary means to a better end.

You will not receive a reply. First, Master Corporal Sampson was extremely uncomfortable or unable to receive honest, constructive and albeit negative feedback. A link, button or video is not working. Instead of viewing the feedback as an earnest attempt to encourage professional development, many individuals decide to react in an entirely unhelpful manner, adopting a defensive attitude to fend off the seemingly personal attack.

The data from a survey of CAF members suggests, however, that this is easier said than done, and that perhaps some new tools are required. Although all yearly CFPAS guidance emanates from a central source with a view to ensure standardization across the CAF, there are areas of interpretation which manifest themselves as each successive environment, cfpss, and unit adds their own specific guidance. This ultimately results in leaders conducting the appraisal in a cursory fashion without discussing areas of a good performance, or areas where performance can be improved.

He asserted that the PER was a marked departure from his previous evaluations and alleged that it was a veiled attempt by his branch to bar him from being promoted, and to engineer his removal from future Selection Board considerations.

This aversion to offering critical negative feedback cannot continue within the CAF, since depriving employees of [constructive feedback] shirks responsibility. Finally, having observed that the grievor provided no new evidence to justify any score increases, the Committee carefully reviewed the grievor’s original cgpas PER ratings and found that cfpsa were consistent with the PER narratives and the CFPAS Word Pictures and did not merit being increased.

At the extreme pinnacle of personnel mismanagement, managers request that their ctpas prepare an appraisal of their own performance for his or her review and use this appraisal to comply with company policy. The subconscious linkage between criticism and personal attack must be broken. Leaders must remember that regardless of the difficulty and discomfort during the delivery, the end result will always be worth it.

# 2013-104 – Personnel Evaluation Report (PER)

Other issue not in this list. Fierce conversations and tough empathy may assist the CAF leader in overcoming the discomfort associated with delivery of critical negative feedback. If an individual is not handbool made aware of an ongoing deficiency, then he or she may reasonably assume that the behavior is indeed tolerated, which could lead to the undesired behavior being imitated by others.


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The IA also found that the content of the two letters of appreciation received by the grievor was appropriately conveyed in the narrative of Section 4. Instead, necessary criticism is masked in a smokescreen of positivity, thereby obscuring hard-to-hear truths.

Master Corporal Sampson had a ctpas of inflecting her voice at the end of nearly every phrase. Typically, there is not an immediate expectation of perfection. Second, the subordinate must handobok accept this critical feedback and earnestly endeavour to change behavior such that noted deficiencies are overcome. The Committee then found that the grievor’s PER scoring could not be benchmarked to previous PER scoring as that would contravene policy and be contrary to the intent of annual performance appraisals.

As can be seen, both the leader cpfas subordinate have roles to play in normalizing the practice of delivering critical negative feedback. From a cultural perspective, many leaders lack the ability to dispassionately reveal the truth to their subordinates. They will not only communicate with authenticity, handbiok is the precondition for leadership, but they will also show that they are doing more than just playing a role.

Case # 2015-266

The grievor complained that his Personnel Evaluation Report PER scores should not have been lower than his previous assessment, and that his PER did not accurately reflect his performance and potential during the reporting period, failed to adequately recognize two letters of appreciation, and was not administered in accordance with policy.

Instead, the responsibility fell to the sub-unit commander, Major Renault. Fortunately, there are strategies to enable the healthy acceptance of critical negative feedback. A recent survey of private businesses found that more than 70 percent of managers admit they have trouble giving a tough performance review to an underachieving employee.

Offering critical negative feedback involves one-on-one dialogue, which is extremely uncomfortable for many leaders. For this to work, CAF leaders must relentlessly develop trusting and authentic relationships with their subordinates. Indeed, it is this feedback which enables people to become aware of potential barriers to success, thereby affording them the knowledge to ascend and surpass these barriers.

This does not mean coddling soldiers or redacting negative feedback at the sight of tears. Please select all that apply: Failure to deliver critical negative feedback can lead to the wrong people being put into the wrong positions at the wrong time, thereby promoting the cycle of personnel mismanagement.