Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Title, Language, Downloads. Sep 3, , INSTALLATION MANUAL, it,en, pdf 98 KB. Online Catalogue · Highlight Products Foundation of Urmet Domus, company that specializes on integrate solutions Urmet’s 75th anniversary. anche il gruppo Urmet, vede la Prodel creare l’unità Prodel Engineering al Modello a catalogo Urmet Domus / Model available at Urmet Domus catalogue.

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Alba Urmet Door Phone:

Choose the catallogue stations you want Calls are transferred from one to the other when the stations are unmanned.

Another catlaogue advantage is the possibility of choosing the VoIP operator to be used for the call each time regardless of the Internet provider. Three call buttons are standard on all audio and video door phone models, extendable to nine buttons on Signo with the button addon and up to 32 if the Folio and Aiko models are chosen.

No more Post-it notes! Front and rear mounting to enable screw assembly also wood, PVC and aluminum gates. The system can be armed by means of keypads and code, electronic key and proximity keys.


Comité du budget et des finances

Advanced Time and Stop and Go. A perfectly integrated range of products DVR, video servers and IP cameras for medium and large sized systems. Board to be inserted in concierge switchboard Ref.

Up to entrances. Bar fitted, 10 DIN modules. Capable of managing up urmeh 64 buttons. Up to users. Small companies Medium sized companies and services Homes 9: With LED and trimmer for video signal equalisation.

sacotel is the EXCLUSIVE AGENT of the below international brands in Lebanon

The automation units are equipped with intelligent electronic control system. Doc Proget The new Urmet software has been thought for those who need to design interphones or video-interphones: Urmet has created a complete catalogue and has structured its ufmet on 3 segments: Generates a 50Vac call on a max.

Ideal for an increasingly catlogue demanding market, Imago has a keypad with a wide range catlogue control options: Accepts all Digivoice door phone and bracket outputs, except for those with single integrated decoder. Technology and design are key in the development of all new products: Furthermore, a wide variety of applications are possible using two relays: Overview auxiliary contactors – Series SH. Controls are simple and a user-friendly icon system helps users record and manage messages.

The accessory and peripheral range includes all the components needed to make the system secure and complete. T 22 electronic control unit on board and option of adding remote module.


Furthermore, only 2Voice has a short-circuit protection system which bypasses a distributor associated to the faulty device.

Terminals for connecting the second audio channel to the column. Ruggedness and modularity at the service of technology: The switchboard in an IPervoice system can receive all system information: Provided with built-in call tone generator and Int-Ext audio signal amplifier.

General Aviation Catalogue.

Power by 9 Vdc alkaline battery or 12 Vdc from connection wire directly from the system. General Catalogue Indoor station.

In addition to the fire range, you can rely on a complete range of gas detectors with actuators and accessories, such as the urket one- and two-sided optical-acoustic warning signs. Manages 18 basic buttons expansible to 82 by means of optional Ref.

Meanwhile, Urmet invented the telephone coin and the pre-paid telephone card. Very versatile and suitable for replacing door phones ‘mod.