Find out more about our 50PCH / PCV (kW) products on the Carrier UK website. grammed, easy to use, Carrier Comfort Controller set up for a WSHP . through panel opposite air coil on back discharge units. 50PCH. UNIT. SIZE. OVERALL. Find great deals for Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/3. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Compressor — Aquazone standard efficiency units include a rotary com- pressor in sizesa reciprocating compressor in sizea scroll compressor in size units. Adjust all valves to the full open position and turn on the line power to all heat pump units.

Carrier Aquazone 50pch Indoor Water-cooled Heat Pump 50PCHZCC 5 Ton | eBay

Ambient Air — db Min. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Two-Position OA Damper — Should a fault occur 3 times sequentially, lockout will occur. Scaling indexes should be calculated at F for direct use and at 90 F for indirect HX use.

Jumper G and R for fan operation. Extended range for units operating with entering water temperatures below dew point.

Read the carrjer instruction manual before. Organic growths such as algae can reduce the heat transfer rate by forming an insulating coating on the inside tube surface. Units shall be supplied completely factory built and capable of operation with an entering water temperature range from 50 to F.

Corrosion is caused by absorption of gases from the air coupled with water on exposed metal. Complete C Control Jumper Settings. Don’t show me this message again. Refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be of copper inner water tube and steel outer refrigerant tube cargier rated to withstand psig working refrigerant pressure and psig working water pressure. All units shall have a C board safety control circuit with the following features: The blower housing shall feature carried removable inlet ring to facilitate removal and servicing of the fan motor.


Aquazone products provide optimal energy efficient solutions and adapt to the most challenging design requirements. Flow Regulation 13 F set point to avoid nuisance faults. These kits include heavy 50pcn steel brackets and rubber grommets for sound and vibration isolation from the building structure.

Carrier Aquazone 50PCH Indoor Water-cooled Heat Pump 3 Ton 50pch036zcc3acn1

The v constant torque motors do not require a neutral wire. Lift the discharge panel from side of unit and rotate it to back using care not to damage blower wiring.

Sound attenuation package mute package is available for applications that require especially low noise levels.

Reversing valves that fail to the cooling operation shall not be allowed. Filtered for maximum micron size. Two-stage water source heat pumps with puron refrigerant ra 64 pages.

This constant torque motor is similar in function to a PSC, but carfier handle up to 1 in. Page 35 of capacity. Filtered for maximum velocity of 6 fps. Page 3 or an equivalent protective covering.

Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump 208-230/60/3

Unit Start-Up Cooling Mode. With this option, a double application of sound attenuating material is applied to the internal divider, side panels, top panels, and bottom panels.

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Air catrier freeze protection check filter operation provides a field selectable switch for assessing excessive filter pressure drop. Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations.

Fan 50pdh relay Jumper G and R for fan operation. Shell and tube style refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be treated as pressure vessels and shall require refrigerant pressure relief valves piped to the exterior of the building.

Each separator shall have an automated clean out valve piped to a waste line. Water-to-water water source heat pump with puron refrigerant ra 24 pages. Coaxial Coil Volume gal Condensate Connection in. Check for line voltage across BR contacts. Serial numbers will be recorded by factory and furnished to contractor for ease of unit warranty status. Water problems fall into three main categories: Cupronickel coaxial water-to-refrigerant heat exchangers shall cafrier provided. Step 4 – Mount the Unit.

Carrier 41 Ensure thermostat set for heating or cooling operation. The 5-minute timer energizes when the compressor is deenergized, resulting in a 5-minute delay before the unit can be restarted. Select ON for ccarrier pump applications. Any particulate that is not removed can potentially clog components. Activation of any safety device shall prevent compressor operation via a lockout circuit.