The same chromatographic methods are applicable to both the cardenolides and the homologous bufadienolides. In plants, they occur in the form of glycosides. Groups of cardiac steroids Cardioactive steroids are grouped in two categories; Cardenolides Bufadienolides Cardenolides are found. Two classes have been observed in Nature: 1. cardenolides and 2. bufadienolides. The cardenolides have an unsaturated butyrolactone ring.

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Bufadienolide and Marinobufagenin are similar in structure and function.

Presentation Description No description available. Go to Application Have a question? Digitoxin prepared in a pure crystalline form is used to make tablets. The term ‘genin’ at the end refers to only the aglycone portion without the sugar. The aglycone portion figure below of cardiac glycosides is more important than the glycone portion.

Structures of Glycones in cardioglycosides: Heart diseases can be primarily grouped into three major disorders: Structures of Glycones in cardioglycosides. Unsourced material buafdienolides be challenged and removed. Arenobufagin Bufotalin Cinobufagin Marinobufagin.

Elevated intracellular calcium concentration triggers a series of intracellular biochemical events that ultimately result in an increase in the force of the myocardial contraction or a positive inotropic effect. The drug also contains flavonoids such as rutin and kaempferolO-rhamnoglucoside; as well as ursolic and oleanolic acids. At present the plant is not frequently used.

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Lanatoside C glucoseacetyldigitoxose-digitoxose 2 -digoxigenin. The steroid nucleus has a unique set of fused ring system that makes the aglycone moiety structurally distinct bufsdienolides the other more common steroid ring systems.

Let us discuss some of the important characteristics of each structural feature. The principal glycoside is convallatoxin which on hydrolysis yields strophanthidin and – -rhamnose.

This perennial plant is indigenous to Central Europe.

Cardiac Glycosides

Collection is carried out manually so as to avoid any adulteration of organic matter and discolored leaves. The principal glycoside is adonitoxin which is the glycoside of adonitoxigenin.

The drug can be used for the treatment of mild cardiac insufficiency and nervous heart complaints.

The R group at the position defines the class of cardiac glycoside. Although two cardiac glycosides may differ by only one sugar residue their partition co-efficients may be significantly different resulting in different pharmacokinetics.

The drug consists of the dried first-year leaves of Digitalis cadenolides Ehrh.

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Scillae bulbus Squill bulb. The main glycosides include lanatoside A, lanatoside B, lanatoside C, lanatoside D, lanatoside E, digitoxin, digoxin, acetyldigoxin and glucoverodoxin. Basic structures of Aglycone Cardenolides are acrdenolides more commonly compared to Bufadienolides that are less abundant in plant kingdoms.


Thus cardiac failures primarily arise from the reduced contractility of heart muscles, especially the ventricles. The heart feels congested.

Pharmacognosy 2 | Digital Textbook Library

In small doses the drug provokes mild gastric irritation causing a reflex secretion from the bronchioles, therefore it can be used as an carednolides, but in large doses it causes vomiting. Acetyldigoxin 3-acetyldigitoxose-digitoxose 2 -digoxigenin.

Bufadienolides are found commonly as C steroids with unsaturated 6-membered lactone ring that is attached at 17 th carbon atom in steroidal skeleton. Bjfadienolides glycosides, in plant kingdom are restricted to angiosperms flowering plants with seeds that is enclosed in any kind of fruit commonly. Click the following links to view the ane dimensional structures of digitoxigenindigoxigeningitoxigeninstrophanthidin and bufalin.

Leaves of first year are preferred as they contain the higher percentage of glycosides.