Canted antiferromagnetism: hematite /​ Allan Henry Morrish. Author. Morrish, Allan H. Published. Singapore: World Scientific, c Physical Description. This text offers an extensive treatment of canted antiferromagnetism involving the Dzialoshinskii interaction as applied to hematite, the stable form of ferric oxide. Since then, the history of canted antiferromagnetism and hematite are inexorably intertwined. Indeed, hematite may be considered to be the prototype for the.

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Ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials are usually what we consider as being magnetic ie. Open to the public ; QC Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. This occurs at a particular temperature called the Curie temperature T C.

Spin canting

Electrical Transport and Optical Properties 7. In this case, a paramagnetic correction may be needed. Wntiferromagnetism compared to paramagnetic materials, the magnetization in ferromagnetic materials is saturated in moderate magnetic fields and at high room-temperature temperatures:.

These 4 locations in All: The difference between spontaneous magnetization and the saturation magnetization has to do with magnetic domains more about domains later. Be the hemattie to add this to a list. This may be surprising to some, but all matter is magnetic.


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Canted Antiferromagnetism: Hematite – Allan H. Morrish – Google Books

Tags What are tags? Materials in the first two groups are those that exhibit no cannted magnetic interactions and are not magnetically ordered. Elastic and Magnetoelastic Interactions 8. The hwmatite characteristic behavior of diamagnetic materials is that the susceptibility is temperature independent. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait Domains; Magnetization Processes Hematite crystallizes in the corundum structure with oxygen ions in an hexagonal close packed framework.

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Canted antiferromagnetism : hematite / Allan Henry Morrish. – Version details – Trove

This single location in Victoria: Crystal Growth and Characterization of Hematite. In ionic compounds, such as oxides, more complex forms of magnetic ordering can occur as a result of the crystal structure.

University of Western Australia. Because hysteresis parameters are dependent on grain size, they are useful for magnetic grain sizing of natural samples. This results in a temperature dependent susceptibility, known as the Curie Law.

The remaining three are so weakly magnetic that they are usually thought of as “nonmagnetic”. At normal temperatures and in moderate fields, the paramagnetic susceptibility is small antlferromagnetism larger than the diamagnetic contribution. AFS Electron Resonance 9. Many iron bearing minerals are paramagnetic at room temperature.


In addition, the efficiency of the field in aligning the moments is opposed by the randomizing effects of temperature. However, ferro- and ferrimagnets have very different magnetic ordering. Another hysteresis property is the coercivity of remanence Hr. Magnetite, Fe3O4 crystallizes with the spinel structure. When this happens, the interactions are called indirect or superexchange interactions.

A simple representation of the magnetic spins in a ferrimagnetic oxide is shown here. A typical plot of magnetization vs temperature for magnetite is shown below. If the A and B sublattice moments are exactly equal but opposite, the net moment is zero.

When you think of magnetic materials, you antlferromagnetism think of iron, nickel or magnetite. Notes Includes bibliographical references p.

Note that when the field is zero the magnetization is zero.