Media. Each of the links below opens a PDF file in a new browser window. BioInitiative Report Issues New Warnings on Wireless and EMF. Information about the BioInitiative Report for press.

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Nine 9 of these studies are considered positive and three 3 are considered negative.

The public needs to know that these risks exist, that transition to wireless should not be presumed safe, and that it is very much worth the effort to minimize exposures that still provide the benefits of bioinititive in learning, but without the threat of health risk and development impairments to learning and behavior in the classroom.

ELF and RF fields are nonionizing, in that the energy of their photons is far too low to break chemical bonds, an effect that makes ionizing bbioinitiative such as X-rays so hazardous.

Picking Cherries in Science: The Bio-Initiative Report

For people who have used these devices for 10 years or longer, and when they are used mainly on one side of the head, the risk of malignant brain tumor is doubled for adults and is even higher for persons with first use before the age of 20 years. Evidence for Stress Response: It could also have found a Group 3 designation was a good interim choice Insufficient Evidence. The same weaknesses are still present in the version, which moreover does not address the criticisms of the Health Council of the Netherlands or other expert groups.

When first released inthe BIR quickly became a key document used by anti-EMF activists in their various campaigns. Ying Li New Chapter: Readers who are looking for reasons to fear electromagnetic fields will find plenty of material in the BIR to justify their concerns. In many respects this scientific literature is uneven and confused. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations.

Bioinitiative Report

The ACRBR also noted that the state of science in this area is continually being debated and updated by a number of expert bodies composed of the leading experts in this field and strongly urged people to consult these views for a balanced assessment of the research. This is only a snapshot of the evidence presented in the BioInitiative updated report. Science and Medicine Tagged in: In addition risk calculations based on estimated absorbed dose give strength to the findings.


Most countries nioinitiative the world have adopted roughly similar exposure limits that are designed to protect against these known hazards. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels reprot exposure, and produces a biochemical stress response.

Retrieved 20 January As might be expected from a compilation of separately authored chapters done at two points in time, the BIR is inconsistent in approach and content.

A scientific benchmark of 0. Several international laboratories have replicated studies showing adverse effects on sperm quality, motility and pathology reoort men who use and particularly those who wear a cell phone, PDA or pager on their reporg or in a pocket Agarwal et al, ; Agarwal et al, bioinitlative Wdowiak et al, ; De Iuliis et al, ; Fejes et al, ; Aitken et al, ; Kumar, All urban areas have many places where RF signals from cellular base stations, television and radio broadcasting facilities, public safety communications systems, and other useful technologies will exceed these limits — sometimes by a very large factor.

Two additional comments are in order. The mechanisms by which this collective behavior arises remain to be understood. Sperm cannot repair DNA damage.

The BioInitiative Report first warned that existing scientific knowledge has grown strong enough to alert the public and urge governments to develop new safety limits for electromagnetic fields EMF. Effects on the developing fetus from in-utero exposure to cell phone radiation have been observed in both human and animal studies since Transcriptomic and Proteomic Research Dr.

Phone bilinitiative located in their living areas are irradiating continuously some species that could suffer long-term effects, like reduction of their natural defenses, deterioration of their health, problems in reproduction and reduction of their useful territory through habitat deterioration.

BioInitiative Report – Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Safety from Safe Space Protection

repport This is based on weak epidemiological evidence that children living in homes near power lines, or long-term users of mobile phones, have a slightly increased risk of, respectively, leukemia and brain tumors.


There is now much more evidence of risks to health affecting billions of people world-wide. Making lists of reported effects, and conducting a proper weight-of-evidence assessment of potential health risks, are two very different things.

Bioinitiatkve of the shortcomings identified included that the report made false claims as well as claims which lacked scientific basis.

Table of Contents

Show comments Hide comments. Many research studies show that very low intensity exposures to RFR can affect the blood-brain barrier BBB mostly animal studies. Recent studies bioinitiahive do not report increased risk of brain tumors and acoustic neuromas have not looked at heavy users, use over ten years or longer, and do not look at the part of the brain which would reasonably have exposure to produce a tumor.

Essential body processes can eventually be disabled by incessant external stresses from system-wide electrophysiological interference and lead to pervasive bioinitiativs of metabolic and reproductive functions. Proactive and immediate measures to reduce unnecessary EMF exposures will lower disease burden and rates of premature death. Laptop computers with wireless internet connections can damage DNA in sperm.

Public bioinitiqtive standards are 1, — 10, or more times higher than levels now commonly bioinitiaative in mobile phone base station studies to cause bioeffects. Existing public safety limits are too high by several orders of magnitude, if prevention of bioeffects and minimization or elimination of resulting adverse human health effects. This massive literature has been reviewed by numerous expert groups, who, with the exception of the BIR as described below, have consistently failed to find clear evidence for health hazards from ELF or RF fields at levels below international and U.

Bioinitiatige existing safety limits did not anticipate these new kinds of technologies affecting the health of people living with and using wireless devices on a daily basis.

New public health standards and limits are needed.